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Thread: Your Top 5 Players of all time!

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    Your Top 5 Players of all time!

    Yeah, prob a old one but why not!

    Mine would be-
    1) Steve Lukather
    2) Richie Kotzen
    3) Eric Johnson
    4) SRV
    5) Reb Beach

    Its a no brainer topic but good to see what floats our guitar boats!
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    It's such an impossible list to cut down to five. I love so many guitarists for so many different reasons. However for my top 5 I'd say my criteria are this that influence my style the most.

    1. SRV
    2. Eric Johnson
    3. Tommy Emmanuel
    4. John Petrucci
    5. Hendrix

    I could do a top 20 and it'd still be hard. But I can't get enough of them Texas sounds. It's kind of trite but Stevie's playing just moves me in ways that cannot be explained.
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    I also have so many and they have changed over the years so this is the enduring list, not necessarily what I am feeling at this point of my life:

    Jeff Beck
    Larry Carlton
    Steve Morse
    Steve Howe
    Michael Bloomfield

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    1. Albert Lee
    2. Chet Atkins
    3. Steve Morse
    4. Jimmy Bryant
    5. Chuck Berry

    Very hard (except for the No 1), but I believe that Chuck deserves a place in my list, as I listen to his music sooo often and since he inspired a whole generation what to do with a guitar. His playing, well, it's not on the same technical level as it is with the others, but that's not the only criterion.

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    1.Steve Lukather
    2.Brian Setzer
    3.Pete Townshend
    4.Michel Cusson
    5.Jeff Beck

    and many more i would like to add: Van Halen, Angus Young etc......

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    Tough one, mine would be:

    1) Steve Lukather
    2) Steve Morse
    3) George Benson
    4) Paul Gilbert
    5) John Sykes

    Idealy fifth would be mixture of Sykes, Gary Moore, Santana, Vinnie Moore and Django Reinhardt
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    1. Django Reinhardt
    2. Ritchie Blackmore
    3. Steve Vai
    4. John Petrucci
    5. [vacant]

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    1. David Gilmour. The right notes at the right time with the perfect tone and the perfect vibrato. My hero
    2. Mark Knopfler.
    3. James Hetfield (as a rythem guitar player he just rips)
    4. Steve Vai for taking electric guitar to new places.
    5. Dimebag Darrell. The ultimate shredhead. Solo's, riffs, the man had it all. He's sorely missed...
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    In no particular order!

    1. Guthrie Govan
    2. Andy Timmons
    3. Ron Jarzombek
    4. Steve Morse
    5. Alvaro Pierri ;-)

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    1. Shawn Lane
    2. Shawn Lane
    3. Shawn Lane
    4. Shawn Lane
    5. John Petrucci

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    In some sort of order:

    1. John Petrucci
    2. Trey Anastasio
    3. Alex Lifeson
    4. Steve Morse
    5. Eric Johnson or Kirk Hammett
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    Steve Morse
    Ty Tabor
    Robin Trower
    Greg Koch
    Mike Stern

    Tomorrow the list would be different!
    @end, love_take = love_make
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    Jimi Hendrix
    Jeff Beck

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    Man this is very tough only picking five, and I don't know that I could put them in any paticular order, and some certainly change from time to time but. . .
    Zakk Wylde
    Yngwie Malmsteen
    Joe Bonamassa
    Jimmy Page
    Brian Setzer
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    In no particular order:
    - David Gilmour
    - Michael Landau
    - Steve Lukather
    - Jeff Beck
    - Pat Metheny
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