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Thread: Can someone post a video to HOW SETUP A JP6??????

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    Can someone post a video to HOW SETUP A JP6??????

    Hey guys first of all i want to say hello to all my friends of the forum, look the reason of this post is the people who lives in another country dont know how to setup their own guitars and this can be a new step for us and for the other people, i know the setup is very easy but some people cant do it, please the good fellas can help us??????????

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    If itīs about trussrod adjustment this may help (but itīs with a silhouette, not with the JP if you want sth. that shows the trem setup):
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    That is great you want to learn, there are numerous videos on Youtube you can checkout.

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    There isn't anything specific to a JP6 really, just look up general guitar setup guides.
    The best way to learn is to find a good tech/luthier and get the your guitar setup, and ask them if you can watch, that way you should be good to then set up your own guitars. You can't beat the knowledge you can gain from a professional, showing you in person.

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    Sorry I can't supply a video - Here's a reply I posted on another thread.

    I assumed that the guy had tuning problems and that the intonation and general set up was ok ...
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