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Thread: Luke III prototype revealed!

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    Looks great!
    I can't tell for sure even from all of the pics and youtube vids, but do the pickups have chrome covers?

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    It might just be the pics but the body looks a little bigger? Also will it have a 3 way or 5 way pup selector?
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    2H Luke sounds pretty good to me. Alot of his great tones come from the singles on the Luke 2 though so I guess this is another tool and not a replacement.
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    Any changes in the wood type maybe!? Still alder in the body or maybe ,beacause he's stocked with DiMarzios humbuckers, Mahogany?

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    ^The neck is solid rosewood, at least the prototypes were. The bodies of the prototypes that were posted here were mahogany and alder IIRC.

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    Wild. Love seeing shots of new prototypes

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    Better audio and video here:

    Toto speelt tournee voor bassist | vtm
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Poppa View Post
    a very neat dark green metallic with a little black.
    Green huh? I guess I gotta be that one other guy that buys the green guitars

    Maybe it's the angle of the picture but the neck PU seems nearly in the neck itself.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LilSteve View Post
    Better audio and video here:

    Toto speelt tournee voor bassist | vtm
    You can see by the video the body does look a little bigger. Luke sounds a bit more crunchier. Luke would sound great through anything though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by e.mate View Post
    Coil splitting similar to the ASS options?
    Ya, that's what i was wondering..?...
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    I hope it comes with SS frets!
    - Joel

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    Best snapshot so far I've found. Chrome PUP covers.
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    Thats a great snapshot. It looks great.
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    Nice snap shot. Interesting how the pickup is "upside down" depending on how you like it installed.
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    TOTO is a tour in Japan.
    The guitar which Luke's set up is 4

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