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Thread: Pearl Green Pics?

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    Pearl Green Pics?

    Anyone have some Pearl Green photos they could post for me?

    I'm more of a cake man myself.

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    I'll post more when I'm not on. My iPad.

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    It costs a lot of money to almost die.

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    oh that is just beauty
    JP15 in Sahara Burst DOB 10/May/2016
    JPXI in Onyx Black DOB 30/October/2013
    JP7 2007LE in Blue Dawn DOB 03/July/2007
    JP6 in Lava Pearl DOB 06/October/2009
    Silhouette in Blue Pearl DOB 05/April/2011
    JP7 in Red Pearl Burst DOB 12/August/2003
    BFR JP6 in Trans Black DOB 05/May/2011

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    That is an awesome color - love it
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    EBMM L3 HH (Olive Gold)
    EBMM L3 HSS Roasted (Bodhi Blue)
    EBMM Silo Special (Blue Dawn)
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    EBMM Majesty (Iced Crimson)
    EBMM Cutlass (Vintage Turquoise)
    EBMM L3 BFR (Blueberry Burst)
    EBMM Cutlass HSS (Firemist Silver)

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    Yeah that color truly is beautiful! Would love to see some with a maple neck. How about an AL that color with maple neck??? Mmmmmmm..........

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    2001 MM90 AL

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    I wish I could find some rare, unknown Reflex in that color....... I know, just dreamin.
    25th Anniversary,Venetian Red Quilt,Maple neck,G47369,
    Axis Supersport BFR,Tobacco Burst,Rosewood neck,G47057,
    Axis Tribute,Purple Quilt, Maple neck, G54353
    EVH Red Quilt Hard Tail,Maple neck,87269
    Semi-Hollow Super Sport, Neptune Blue,G72992
    EVH Purple Flame,Maple Neck,84096
    Silo Special,Sky Blue,Hard Tail,G70886

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    you asked...
    here's a pearl green AL....
    great color that changes a bit when under stage lighting...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Pearl Green Pics?-1655-jpg  
    11/3/93 AL/Axis prototype white SSS Dimarzio pu's w/floating trem rosewood board
    5/22/97 AL custom pearl green SSS Dimarzio pu's w/trem rosewood board
    5/22/97 AL standard pearl red SSS Hardtail rosewood board
    5/1/01 AL custom fire engine red HH Dimarzios hardtail rosewood board
    3/17/10 AL HH w/trem coral red
    1/14/99 Axis Sport silver MM90's w/trem rosewood board

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    Anyone with pics of one with a maple neck?
    I'm more of a cake man myself.

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    Sorry if I am late to the party....

    1994 Pinkburst AL
    1997 Vintage Sunburst AL refinned natural
    2004 Graphite SUB 5
    2007 Red AXIS

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    That maple board is sweet!
    It costs a lot of money to almost die.

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    Really nice!
    I'm more of a cake man myself.

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