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Thread: New GC 47th Anniversary JPX signed by JP!

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    New GC 47th Anniversary JPX signed by JP!

    Have a look. This is a new GC 47th Anniversary Guitar. All signed by John. 35 total.

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    WOW! Now that's actually a JP I would love to have. That has the perfect specs! ONLY 35? I need to win the lottery soon!
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    WOW! I think that sums it up...
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    Amazing look for those limited GC edition

    indeed wow
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    47th Anniversary! Awesome - it's older than EBMM! (joking...) playing with practicing.

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    OMG! Why can't I have more money!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Holy crap!!! Trans black with black hardware and an ebony board. Now that is the perfect JP. Me want.
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    That's not a bad price for that guitar!!!

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    Oh good grief that may be the Coolest Jp i've ever seen
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    I knew something was wrong when a couple weeks had gone by and I wasn't obsessively staring at pics of guitars I knew I needed to have... Thanks, I feel cured.

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    Wow, evil offspring of a JP BFR and a JPX!
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    Wish it came in a 7 string version though.... and why aren't they individually numbered like the 46th anniversary?

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    Guitar Center has been around 47 years? I do not know their history but I guess they must of started out really small on the west coast or something, as I only know of them as the big bang super store of the last 10 years. Damn EB has just about tripled their Platinum Room inventory, as last month they had 201 pieces and now have 570 which blew them by Fender and now have the 3rd largest inventory behind only Gibson and PRS. So that means 370 new guitars just got shipped to the PR that I have to sift through=way to go EB.

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