I would like to modify Music Man Luke thatís fitted with his EMG signature pups.

Iíd like to swap the EMG81 in the bridge with 89 so I can split the coil.

I need a precise diagram, schematics, drawing or link of how to wire it coz I need to replace the original tone pot on the guitar with the push pull 25K pot that Iíve got (itís marked as ďT15A 25K 0609).

Please check the photos of that push pull pot (it's designed to be volume pot-with that wire soldered across the lugs).

I need to unsolder that wire (I think!!) but I'd like to get someone's schematics, drawing or web link so I don't experiment to much with the guitar.

Has anyone done modified it with EMG89 and what is the conclusion ?

Maybe you could send me a photos of the close up inside cavity..thanks!

Please look at the photos of the parts I have (I canít get other parts but only those, so it has to be soldered and not quick connected to the push pull pot) and guitar cavity and current wiring inside the cavity.

Ernie ball luke wiring-dscn1485-jpgErnie ball luke wiring-dscn1484-jpgErnie ball luke wiring-dscn1486-jpg