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Thread: NGD x 11 -- Axis Tributes Have Arrived!

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    Talking NGD x 11 -- Axis Tributes Have Arrived -- UPDATED WITH PHOTOS!!

    Hi all!

    As you know from my post in the Axis Tributes thread, I ordered a complete set of Axis Tributes (all eleven colors). They arrived today!

    I haven't unboxed them yet as I need to transport them from my house to the studio first. But I know that without photos, it doesn't exist, so...

    I'll be unboxing them this weekend and photographing for my guitar gallery. I also hope to launch my new guitar gallery in the next couple of days. Will post more info once I unbox!


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    WOW! I really dont know what more I could add to that Jeff. But it is sure going to be a hell of a lot of fun sifting through and checking each one out.Cant wait to see the pics and Congrats= Life is good!lol

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    Jesus. That's tremendous.

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    That's insane..

    and unbelievably cool!
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    Quote Originally Posted by browndog View Post
    +100000 Looking forward to seeing the photos.
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    Bloody Hell................ are you the most envied man on the forum........................ YES

    Nice work if you can get it mate. Congrats. Lovin your work.

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    I can't conform with this joie de vivre.

    I hate you. Really.

    HD Pics are the only way to earn my forgiveness.

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    Wow....that's all I can say literally. That and can't
    Wait for the pics!

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    HOLY CRAP you bought 11, damn your moving into Ernies territory!!


    Glenn |B)
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    Pictures of the pink one, NOW!

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    Wow! Huge congrats Jeff. Life is good indeed. Can't think of anything better to do with the funds either. Those are some smokin' hot axes.
    The world needs more Balls!
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    Your my Idol !! Even before the X 11 Tributes !

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    I remember you said that you had ordered all 11. Hope you got enough guitar stands to get them all in a family picture?
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