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Thread: EBMM Tremolo: probably BEST EVER?

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    Quote Originally Posted by beej View Post
    And with that ... let's go back to talking about the trem. I'd rave about it, but all of mine are hardtails.
    No trems??? Is that a coincidence or conscious choice? Weird. Now that I've had a guitar with the EBMM trem, I won't get a guitar without one!

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    Yeah, ever since getting my first Morse, I've become a hardtail guy. Sold off the trems. Have one (homemade strat) with a Floyd, but I never play it.

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    I love my Y2D hardtail as well. That is actually the first hardtail I've ever owned and its awesome, but the MM vintage trem is a delight. I do miss it now that I only have my Y2D...but one day I will have another Silo Special most likely.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Roubster View Post
    but one day I will have another Silo Special most likely.
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    Yea, I actually miss it quite a bit! I was just watching a vid I made and the tone was so nice! Oh well, time to start saving up for a new one for 2012 .
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    Love EBMM trems as well, good as it gets!!!!

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    love em... the best for me...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marcello View Post
    Hi there!
    I changed the EMG cause they sounded a little too hi-fi to me, already compressed, already "cd-like", if you understand what I mean. Everytime I tried a Strat I found it more dynamically responsive and dirt, now I can squeeze more tone out of my Luke. But the thing impressed me a lot is the PAF pro humbucker, it literally growls on distortion, yet it is balanced in every frequency, you can actually hear every single note you play (can you play maj7th distorted with any guitar?)!
    I totally get what you mean. It's horses for courses. If I wanted a gutsy, overdriven sound, I'd go for the DeMarzios, every time.

    For me, the clarity and sparkle of the EMGs, with a little wamth, from my valves is perfect foe the sound I use, almost all the time..

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    Agreed - Indeed
    I have a Luke, and it is by far the best Trem that I have experienced.

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    Now that I have the trem on my SBMM Silo 30 back to floating it works GREAT! I can wail away and it doesn't go out of tune at all. Absolutely outstanding.
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