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Thread: Question about Axis type guitar

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    Question about Axis type guitar

    Hi everyone,

    i'm seriously considering buying a used OLP MM1, basicly a very cheap Musicman Axis, for a small price. I want a guitar that is usable for some Eddie stuff; divebombs and harmonic stuff etc. I will probably swap pickups with gfs VEHs and install better tuners. My problem is the Tremolo system. Basicly there are 2 versions: Floyd rose and Vintage. I was thinking about buying the Vintage because of tuning inconvenience, but still want to be able to rock out wild. After all, Eddie didnt always use a Floyd.

    I read that on Strats the Vintage bridge can be replaced with a modern one for more possibilities. Are there any possibilties for the OLP or normal Musicmans to increase tremolo range and make it more versatile? Please keep in mind that it's a cheap guitar and I dont want to spend lots of money.

    Really hope you guys can help me.

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    If the OLP bridge is anything like the MusicMan vintage bridge, you can go wild. I have NO tuning issues whatsoever (on both Luke and Silo with vintage trem), even with some wild trem use.

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    Is it possible to fit Strat sized tremolos on Axis models. Like a Wilkinson tremolo?

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    I don't think you will be able to fit another tremolo without some kind of invasive measures (like repositioning the trempoles). However, I do not have any experience with OLP, nor wilkinsom trems and am by no means a Luthier, so best to wait for an answer of someone more knowledgable.

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    I've got an OLP MM1 with vintage tremolo, and to be honest, the trem is rubbish. Never use that trem. Haven't played a Floyd equipped OLP, but if you really want to actually use the trem, avoid the vintage tremolo, or replace it with some other tremolo bridge.
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