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Thread: Wiring Diagram - Silhouette HSH

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    Wiring Diagram - Silhouette HSH

    Anyone have or know where I can get a wiring diagram for my Silhouette Humbucker/Single/Humbucker? Thanks for any help!

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    Shoot an e-mail to customer service. They'll get one for you right away.
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    Thanks. I didn't a CS link on the EB website. I guess customerservice@ernieball.com might work...

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    That should do it . You got a Silhouette you want to share with everyone? hehe Welcome to the forum by the way.
    -2010 EBMM SM-Y2D

    Blackstar HT-20 Head
    Mesa Boogie 3/4 1x12

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    Plenty of wiring diagramms available at Dimarzio's oo Seymour Ducan's homepage. For example:
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    let me know if that is what you needed....

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    Im trying to put back to original a Hss silhouette special and im stuck at the wiring process; dont know how to connect the silent circuit and the inout jack properly (consider the 9v battery silent circuit and the usual hss wiring through a super switch)... Any input? Emailed customer service already... Waiting for reply. Thanks!

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