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Thread: A liitle review on the Cobalt strings

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    A liitle review on the Cobalt strings

    Just put on a set today, so I thought I'll share some of my initial thoughts.
    The difference that I noticed right away:
    1- They are loud strings, very clear and articulate.
    2- Right out of the pack, they feel very slippery and smooth. Felt almost like the strings feel after spraying Finger Ease on them. Some may love this feel, some may not.

    You can really tell the tonal and dynamic difference, especially when playing clean. The Cobalt respond well to pick attack and pick dynamic. I'm going to get couple more packs and test drive further with other guitars. I'm also going to try them on a gig in the next couple weeks. will report back.

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    Cool tung, let us know! I'm really interested in this!
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    i can't wait to get my hands on some!

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    Does anyone know when they will be available in Europe?

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    Damn, these strings are hard to get a hold of. I got mine from MF but now they're out of them again. I'm waiting for 5 more packs but looks like they won't ship until March. So it looks like I have to wait until then to try them on some of my other guitars.

    One new thing i noticed about the Cobalt is that they respond really well to muted runs, things like palm muted riffs got some good punch to them.

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    Hi Tung,

    i was wondering how those would sound and here you are sharing your great info.

    Very interesting read, wonder when they are available in the UK.

    thanx again for the info

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rodderno9 View Post
    Hi Tung,

    i was wondering how those would sound and here you are sharing your great info.

    Very interesting read, wonder when they are available in the UK.

    thanx again for the info
    You're very welcome, glad I could be of some help. When I get my order in March, I'll be testing them through my JP6 and a Les Paul. will report back then with my findings.

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    OK just recieved some today and put them on my BFR Luke, all I can say is hell yea, these are everything they are advertised to be, better output, clarity,sustain and total response.

    Will be buying more soon

    Bp, brian etall great job

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    Im waiting on the place I get strings from to get them in.
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    WAITING... heading to Hollywood this week crossing my fingers
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    How do they compare to the Ernie Ball RPS strings? I find the RPS strings FAAARRRRR superior to the slinky's, in strength, tone, and for staying in tune.....RPS 9's are all I play.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rufedges View Post
    I find the RPS strings FAAARRRRR superior to the slinky's
    Interesting! I thought they were the same string, just the plain strings are reinforced to prevent breaking at the ball end (RPS - Reinforced Plain Strings).

    The Coated Slinkies strings are reinforced too, with titanium. You should try 'em out!
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    you are correct Kev
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    MF shows out now...wanting to give em a try. These just for electric or is there Cobalt for acoustic?
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    can't wait to try one set with my 25th
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