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Thread: How many EBMM Tribute Axis do you own?

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    How many EBMM Tribute Axis do you own?


    I just got my first EBMM Tribute Axis (a pink one), however, it seems one won't be enough!
    How many Tribute Axis do you own?
    Does anybody here have a complete set of all the 11 colors?


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    Quote Originally Posted by larry333 View Post
    Does anybody here have a complete set of all the 11 colors?

    not me......
    7/29/04 EBMM Sub1 X11376 oil/wax neck, gloss black body, faux binding, HSS w/5 way and silent circuit
    keep in mind that you are talking about four pieces of wood two pots one switch a trem along with springs two pickups and some wire.....BP

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack FFR1846 View Post

    ...WOW, and I thought "I" was crazy, LOL! That's awesome...
    EBMM PINK Axis Tribute

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    I bought one....then bought another 7 days later!!!! Trans Pink...and Trans Purple.....P.S.....I still want more....
    25th Anniversary, Flame Top, 2009
    Axis Tribute Trans Pink 2012
    Axis Tribute Trans Purple 2012
    Axis Tribute Trans Black 2012
    Axis Trans Orange 2012 Killer Neck
    Cutlass Turquoise 2018 Roasted Neck
    Life is a journey, not a destination.....Enjoy the ride!!!

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    Trans Pink & Trans Black for me, the first run in the October.
    1993 Trans Red EBMM EVH
    1993 Sunburst EBMM EVH
    1995 Trans Blue EBMM EVH
    1993 Trans Green EBMM EVH
    1994 Trans Amber EBMM EVH
    1992 Trans Purple EBMM EVH
    2011 Trans Purple EBMM Tribute
    1993 Trans Pink EBMM EVH
    2011 Trans Pink EBMM Axis Tribute
    2011 Trans Black EBMM Axis Tribute
    2015 Polor Noir Majesty
    2001 Trans Blue EBMM Custom Made EBMM Axis Super Sport

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    thats easy i have non
    2010 Axis Super Sport BFR Bahama Blue Burst Rosewood fretboard

    2016 Gibson Les Paul Standard with Slash SD Pups

    You only have 12 notes, what you do with them is up to you - Edward Van Halen

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    I bought a trans green from the first run, but I wish I'd also gotten a goldtop.

    I'm really happy with mine and the back is a nice dark brown.

    2019 Albert Lee - BFR - Electric Shimmer
    2019 Axis SS semi hollow - DuBaldo Blue - rosewood neck
    2019 StingRay fretless - BFR - Sierra Vintage Burst
    2018 Axis SS - BFR - Buckeye Burl
    2017 StingRay 5 - 30th Ann
    2013 Luke III - PDN - emerald green sparkle
    - rosewood neck
    2012 Morse - BFR - Dark Lord
    2010 Axis SS - red flame - rosewood neck
    2009 Axis - pink quilt
    2006 StingRay fretless - 30th Ann
    2000 Axis SS - Lavender Pearl
    1996 StingRay - 20th Ann
    1995 Albert Lee - Jim Messina’s

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    Zero here.

    Dr. Z Stingray
    Orange RV50
    Dr. Z EMS

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    None for me... I am a Silhouette guy. But those tributes do look really nice!
    Vintage Sunburst Silhouette Special, '06; 20th Anniversary Silhouette, '06; Honeyburst Sterling '00

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    Two here, a Sunburst from the first run and a Trans Black about a week ago. I was tempted on Friday by a blue one with beautiful quilt. It was like looking into the ocean. Thank goodness someone else bought it before I could make the call.

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    They look great! But none so far for me. Will check the second-hand market in a year or 2 though.
    EBMM - AL MM90 White
    EBMM - AL HH Black Sugar Roasted Maple
    EBMM - Armada Black flamed
    EBMM - JP7 White
    EBMM - Cutlass Vintage Turquoise
    EBMM - Stingray Starry Night

    Mesa Boogie RA-100
    Yamaha THR5

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