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Thread: Cobalt Video

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    Cobalt Video

    This is my first attempt at a video. Trying to showcase the new Cobalt strings VS the old standby Regular Slinkys. As this is a comparison, I've kept everything pretty basic. I used the same guitar for both types of string, same clean and dirty settings for both. I kept everything the same to keep the playing field level. To me the Cobalt strings feel more alive! While the difference is subtle in places, in others there's an obvious increase in volume and clarity... better sustain, attack, and all around tone.. to my ears.

    Hopefully, the video's not too long....
    Balls..... everywhere!

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    Sub action wins. Always.

    These Cobalts do have my attention, no doubt.

    I am keen to try 'em.

    Great vid fella.

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    the differences don't translate too well in the video. though it does sound like the highs ring a little more.

    i just picked up a couple sets of cobalts yesterday.....excited to try them.

    hope you like yours.....dig the sub!

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