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Thread: Ronnie Montrose R.I.P.

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    Ronnie Montrose R.I.P.

    That "Montrose" album was a integral part of my high school music rotation...another great one gone.
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    Wow. Mine, too. Growing up in the Bay Area back in the day, radio played a lot of Montrose and Gamma.

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    That sucks! RIP
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    He was one of my heroes too. Saw him with Edgar Winter and with Montrose. I admire him for returning to what he loved doing despite his illness.
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    I grew up with his music, his first album still today rocks. And I believe Sammy Hagar on TMS said it was one of the greatest rock albums -- EVER.

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    Very sad indeed RIP
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    RIP Ronnie.
    No malice intended. Just my opinion. Take care. Bob

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    RIP Ronnie. I saw Montrose in the 70's with Sammy as vocalist. They truly "Rocked the Nation !!" I learned rock guitar riffs off that first album...that's right ALBUM. NOT compact disc !

    God Bless you showed us how it's done !
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    Bummer, I was just riffing on rock candy today too...

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    Voyager was a huge influence on me. Got to run into him a few times up here in Sacramento. Apparently, his cooking was legendary. RIP

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    Quote Originally Posted by catdaddy View Post
    He was one of my heroes too. Saw him with Edgar Winter and with Montrose. I admire him for returning to what he loved doing despite his illness.
    I was watching an old Old Grey whistle test clip of him with Edgar Winter - he was sooooo young - he just looked like a kid.
    Very sad to have heard the news.
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    Montrose - the center portion of my song sets in the East Bay. Played his songs more than anyone else over the course of the last decade, and just a few miles from his front door. We will all miss him here in the SF Bay Area.

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    R.I.P......I loved his playing....I was lucky enough to see him with Gamma....many years ago in New Orleans.....and also with Sammy.....I spoke to him after a show......I asked him ...How do you get that incredible sound.....? and he answered....I am just a great guitarist.....jokingly...then he said...No, I just use a Roland Space Echo......He was a very nice guy to me!!! I met Sammy too....and he was actually way cool also!!!!!:Those were the good old days!!!! Rock music..with lead guitar!!
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    I saw Montrose play in San Luis Obispo in the mid-'70s -- I was actually there to see the opening act (Earthquake), but all we talked about after the show was Ronnie's roaring guitar.

    I actually saw Ronnie after the show, told him that my brother was a big fan of his, and he gave me a pick for him-- what a nice guy.

    RIP, Ronnie. Many of us in the Bay Area are still in mourning.

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