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Thread: Seafoam Axis...Here it is.

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    wow that is a really nice color! There are tons of other colors we should explore to see what looks good. Maybe we can get a good template of an Axis then use Photoshop or another app to get some other solid colors in the tempalte. I say solid colors as they would be the easiest to render in a Photo editing type app.
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    All of the Axises that I see posted here are art pieces. It's a shame that the JPX line doesn't get more finish options. (Even though the op cheated ).

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    Incredible job!
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    You blew me away with this one, my friend. Amazing.

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    Damned you! Now I want a Sea Foam Green Axis. Just incredible. What a looker.

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    Amazing color/paint job !! the headstock logo ect looks flawless - thanks for sharing.
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    Certainly is unique and different!
    Yeah well....

    Waddaya gonna do... ???

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    Great looking Axis. Well done!
    The world needs more Balls!
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    Quote Originally Posted by fbecir View Post
    Great job !

    I love this color !
    +1 great job really
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    LOL....I have a Seafoam PRS NF3, a 1964 Seafoam Fender Jaguar, Sage Green Taylor T3 & T5's and now a transGreen Sport. It's not easy being green......

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    That looks sweet. Nice job.

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    I thought I'd revive this one, since I was searching for just this guitar in a Google search and this thread came up. I am doing this project, guitar ships to painter on Monday. I also have a trans amber Axis, which by a bad miscommunication, got drilled for a tone knob. So it's time for a re-color. I've always wanted an Axis in the same color as the seafoam Wolfgangs. I am using a 1997 Porsche paint code called ocean jade metallic I think gets pretty close. Will post photos when all done in a few weeks.

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    Looking forward to seeing that! I love this guitar.

    I’m actually thinking of making my roasted amber quilt, into a lava burst or a trans purple.

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    I feel you !
    See this pic - this is my Armada, - Mint green and a EBMM - doesn't get any better.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Seafoam Axis...Here it is.-l1600-jpg  


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