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Thread: Seafoam Axis...Here it is.

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    Seafoam Axis...Here it is.

    I have been a long time fan & player of the Axis & EVH guitars since I got my first EVH in 1993. They have always been the guitars that I played my best naturally they have been my favorites & the guitars that I mainly use for playing live.

    In my quest to always have something a little bit different from what everyone else has...I've come up with a few ideas over the years for color schemes that I think would work great for the Axis. I finally was able to make one of my ideas a reality.

    A lot of work went into this to make sure that the end result lived up to the high quality standards of the EBMM guitars...and it does.
    I hope I have not offended anyone or broken any rules by doing this. This was done for personal use for my enjoyment...out of love & respect for these instruments. I would never try to misrepresent this or any other EBMM instrument. (OK...disclaimer over)

    This started out as a trans amber/natural headstock Axis. The top was relatively plain looking enough that I felt OK proceeding. Only the top & the headstock face have been refinished.

    The color is a true Seafoam the Dupont Foam Green color that Fender used on their guitars and that Buick used on their cars in 1956. It is really weird shade that can look greenish at times & blueish at times depending on the lighting. Regardless...the combination of the seafoam against the creme bindings, maple neck, black back, & creme & black plastic looks fantastic in my opinion.

    This has been so hard to photograph. I have had no luck capturing the actual color. My pics always make it look too blue. The indoor pics are a little better...but still not as green as it looks in person.

    Here is a better representation of the actual color.

    Needless to say...this is now my new #1 player. Hope you guys enjoy checking it out.
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    Hell Yeah!!! Your Axis looks so nice in that color. Whoever painted it did a nice, clean job. These classic type colors should be an option on the Axis and Axis Super Sport. They would look great. Congrats.

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    very cool.....congrats!

    looks like it should have bigsby on it.

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    Great job!
    "If you bend a string and you don't make a face; it's like eating food without tasting it." - Paul Gilbert

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    Wow, looks great! I had a trans amber I also wanted to have painted, but then traded it toward my new purple Tribute. That is a KILLER paint job, nothing but love for that guitar. Congrats! Very tasteful.

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    I love soft, solid colors like this. Great job and vision!
    Feels good being a Premier Dealer. I can own more Balls this way.

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    Very nice looker.... car is a peach too.... be nice to own the pair

    That colour does throw up a 'retro' vibe. I like it.


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    Love it, great job. Love the car too btw :-)

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    That looks fantastic!
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    Its your guitar, colour it any way you want man....oh and that does looks awesome.
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    My favorite guitar of he last 20 years with one of my favorite finishes ever! Tip of the cap for a job well done and one classy looking Axis.

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    Looks beyond cool. Did Stike finish that one?
    Rockin' in the free world . . .

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    Jay! How are you doing? Haven't heard from you for a long time :-)

    Quote Originally Posted by jisham View Post
    Looks beyond cool. Did Stike finish that one?

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    Excellent job! Looks great!
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    Very cool!!
    NY Pug

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