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Thread: Finger Ease Spray

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    Your a ****ing idiot show some respect to your teacher who's been doing this obviously alot longer than you have bitch

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    Dear Mr Brittain, you must be really upset, and not the smartest guy.

    Your first post, 7 year old thread and you´re insulting a forum member.

    ...or maybe you´re just his guitar teacher...then quit your job and clean toilets (where you can use spray stuff the whole day on things that are not yours)

    @Mods: Can we just ban him, we need nice people over here.
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    James, welcome to the forum. On other forums that might be cool, but not here. If you can't manage respect, civility is the rule of the day. This is a very cool place, we love our Aussies, and if you stick around you'll enjoy it. (I'm an honorary Melbournian myself)

    But please edit or delete your post ASAP.

    Mick, I know you can do better than that too.

    Folks, Beej is on vacation and has asked me to keep an eye on things. Bovinehost will look in on this and deal with it as necessary. In the mean time you all have better things to post about. Leave this one alone, OK?

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    Nicely handled Kev.

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    Thanks for the heads-up, sir. The toilet has been flushed.

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    I just spray a rag lightly and rub it on the strings..simple ,efficient,and no overspray to clean up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeChannel View Post
    Silicone is terrible for wood! I avoid that stuff like the plague. Roche Thomas fingerboard oil is the way to go.
    Since when ? their are lots of furniture polishes on the market that come in aerosol form that have been used for over 50 years and they are still on the market, wood is not as brital as people make out as most trees are treated with chemicals when growing to speed the process up, some of the french polish in a tin has way more harmful stuff in than finger ease and the reason it is used on a wide scale is cause it is easy to apply, if u want to apply proper french polish u need a good french polisher to do it, finger easy is good for any guitar and I have used it on my les paul, strats, and music man with brirds eye maple board, and i am going to carry on using it as it is way better than not having it on.

    What I do sometimes do is put a cloth under the strings and then spray it on, but that's not to protect the fret board persa, but more to get a good coat on the strings without making the fret board ott

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    Don't be alarmed.....I have been using it for years on my PRS...and now on my EBMM.......mostly when I gig outdoors....It reduces the necks still look great!!!! Wow....what a scare!!!
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    And we're still quoting posts from 2004 .... ?

    Time to let this one die me thinks.

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