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Thread: olp ! crazy good

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    olp ! crazy good

    i just picked up a used olp axis copy and must say it plays fantastic im running it through an orange tiny terror and the pickups cut through well. im going to by an axis this week. so im wondering will the neck profile be the same? any body ever cmpare the 2. im talking two hundred dollar guitar to a well over grand guitar but price aint always a factor

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    I think that yes in this case

    The top of the OLP is not real maple for instance it's a photo, so I think that this small detail will make a big diffrence in the end

    But if you are 100% happy with the OLP and don't feel the diffrence with Axis keep the OLP but I trust your ears and I'm sure that you will find the Axis worth the extra money
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    not tried an olp but i would be amazed if it is in the same ball park as an EBMM
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    Glad you got a good one, OLPs aren't really consistent quality wise....If you like the OLP you'll be in for a treat when you get an Axis. Blows the OLP out of the water. Neck shape is different, the Axis neck is rounder (more of a C shape) than the OLP.
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    GOOD Olp's are good for what they are.....a cheap guitar that you can beat up or mod or leave out around the kids or dogs. I've owned three Olp MM1's over the last few years, and only one of them was good. It was awesome and I wish I hadn't sold it, but I didn't know how good it was until I was able to compare it to the ones I had after it.....which were not in the same ballpark. The quality control of the Olp's was all over the map.

    The Axis on the other hand is a work of art....and a beast! Quality control goes to 11.

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    Yeah I have a few good examples of OLP's. A Purple one and a Blue one. I also have a few BAD examples of an OLP but the Axis and Sterling models are far superior.
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    I have had and it's still in my collection an OLP MM1f.

    There are big differences... the OLP is a fantastic guitar and was the reason i came to this forum. There were some accolades tied to my guitar that i wanted to have cleared up - the seller was more or less blowing smoke up my tail and the guys here quickly cleared that up. A few years later i picked up a real Musicman and the difference was truly night and day.

    The OLP is no doubt a great instrument at that price point; however, it's not a MusicMan. if you're wanting to save some dough and get closer to the Real thing... i'd suggest picking up a Sterling By MusicMan. It's an OLP Killer for sure and it will feel more like a MusicMan than the OLP.
    PatPark has really done a lot of work on the Sterling By MusicMan line and has got it as close to the Real Deal as possible without throwing a MusicMan SilkScreen Logo on the headstock. The New AX40 looks like some of the BFR stuff that BP and his crew are producing.

    That being said the OLP is a great instrument and if it feels right to you then you're going to play it a lot and you're going to enjoy making music with it; however, if you're questioning the purchase and you can return it or sell it and recoup your money i'd take it and put it towards a Sterling by MusicMan. You'll find it to be soooooo close to the tone and feel of a MusicMan.
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