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Thread: What's the biggest discount coupon Guitar Center ever gives?

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    What's the biggest discount coupon Guitar Center ever gives?

    Just curious since it can be used in store for EBMMs. I routinely see 15% off coupons. Anything bigger than that? What time of year do the bigger ones come out? Also, does anyone ever have any luck haggling with GC on prices?


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    i've actually had a lot of luck haggling with musicians friend. even when a manufacturer doesn't take part in a 15 or 20% off sale, if you call in, the sales person might just honor the coupon anyway.

    i bought my new EVH 5150 III 50 watt for $850 new. It's normally $1,000... I just asked the rep if he would honor the coupon. wasn't a problem at all!!! I even got the matching 1 x 12 cab 15% off too

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    They're doing 15% now? I dont see it

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    yes you can 20% is usually the biggest and it is usually near major holidays

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    I got an Engl InVader 100 from MF, regular price $2850, for $1855. It was a special August deal. 20% off all amps.

    Something happened with my debit card and the payment got held. It was Sept by the time I got it resolved with my bank. I called to order the amp and the rep gave me 10% off the amp. I mentioned the debit card issue and how the original rep told me the 20% would be honored once I got the issue corrected with my bank. Not exactly sure what or how the new ran the numbers, but I ended up getting approx 35% off the cost of the amp.

    I still think I should have ordered another one right then and there ...
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    I got 15% off of all 3 of my Axis Tributes.....because I traded in used guitars...Plus, I only had to pay tax on the difference...Pretty good deal.....
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    I used to work at a Guitar Center and we used to drop prices for almost everything if anyone just put the effort in to ask. The problem as a regular sales associate is that it hinders your commission. The best way to go about it is to ask for an STM (sales and training manager). The STMs and above are the only guys in the stores that can change prices and they don't really get effected by the commission so they don't mind.

    And in other news, I picked up my first EBMM. It's a Trans Red Axis. Pretty excited!!
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    I got 15% off my Tribute Axis. Forget what coupon I used... After shipping to Hawaii, it was still a good buy. No complaints here!
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    Yeah- i asked about a discount when i bought my used Silo Spec but they brought the guitar in higher than they usually do and had about a 100-200 to float with and it was in the store for a day... so they didn't want to drop it. But to compensate the salesman was able to throw in several packs of stings which was nice...

    When i bought my Taylor i felt as if i beat the guy up pretty good on the price and was able to get 250 off...
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    Quote Originally Posted by brokenvail View Post
    yes you can 20% is usually the biggest and it is usually near major holidays
    i second that.....i just used the 15% discount to buy my first EBMM guitar...i couldn't wait for the next major holiday

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    I got 100 off the 25th I just bought...and only for asking...

    I also used a 15% coupon when I bought the Y2D (I think it was President´s day sale). For Black Friday, they also got a 15% coupon, so I guess it doesn´t get much better than that...

    Advise is...ask for a discount, they´ll probably do it.

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    yeah theyre good at discounts on new stuff...

    used is a tough one unless its been there for 60-90 days...
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    Used to be 20% but 15% is the norm now and yes they will work with you, also if your a platinum room customer you really do get taken care of, I know I do

    Right now over the weekend they are running the trade in promo, either straight cash or 15% off the new item with a trade.

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    this weekend is the trade extravaganza. Usually, when you trade you get 10% towards a new purchase plus your trade, but this weekend only, it is 15%. I work at a guitar center - I RARELY make a sale without some sort of coupon or deal made. I will ALWAYS make a deal with my customer. the way i see it is - if I don't make the deal, I don't make the sale. i'd rather make the deal and get the sale and commission rather than not making a deal and having the customer walk (and go to the boston store and have them make a deal)

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    It is my understanding that 15% exists all year round. My local GC said "we can always do 15%" for in store items(and that means "in any store").
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