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Thread: Show Your EVH Pride

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    My EVH

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    "What is understood need not be discussed"

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    Here is my 95

    Faded with character.. !!
    Show Your EVH Pride-20180710_200629-jpg
    Show Your EVH Pride-20180710_200637-jpg
    Show Your EVH Pride-20180710_200952-jpg

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    The whole family

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    EVH trans Gold
    EVH Blue
    EVH Red quilted
    EVH Pink
    EVH Black
    EVH Red tiger
    EVH Natural
    EVH Purple
    EVH Sunburst
    EVH Green

    Kemper Profiler amp, effects rack, 2 home made thiele cabs.

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    I miss mine so much. Serial #80850 Sunburst. It haunts me
    Axis "tribute" Solid Gold
    Marshal plexi 1987 x Modded
    Thd Bivalve
    Marshall cabs
    Garbage strats , a pile of them
    2005 Les Paul Premium Plus
    A bunch of Danelectro's
    1967 200 watt Marshall major

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    Fantastic collection wolf.. Does anyone have good production numbers.. web seems vague on this subject.. also, i see many more quits than flames out there..

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    93 amber EVH

    kind of beat up but plays great
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Show Your EVH Pride-img_e1850-1-jpg  

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