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Thread: Tribute to Deep Purple

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    Tribute to Deep Purple

    G'day guys,

    It has been a while since have posted around here (I used to have another account name but for some reason I had create this one). My band plays various tribute shows to classic hard rock bands (Ronnie James Dio, Iron Maiden, Ozzy vs Dio, Night of Classic Metal and the most recent) Deep Purple.

    Unfortunately, Mr Jon Lord passed away the week before our show. RIP.

    I hope you guys get a kick out of the clips - I am playing my Steve Morse Y2D through an ENGL Powerball.

    Highlights from the Night:
    Live Evil - Highlights from Deep Purple Tribute Show - YouTube

    Child In Time:
    Live Evil - Child In Time - YouTube


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    Wow Jason, you guys rock! Child in Time sent chills up an down my spine. Very nice cover.

    And you got a killer tone there by the way!

    kepp rockin |,,|

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    Not only was your Deep Purple stuff excellent, I greatly enjoyed the Megadeth and Iron Maiden videos too!
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    Awesome Jason!
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    Thanks for the comments - it was a very fun night! I kept getting calls from a fellow down the front to play a Fender (I borrowed a Fender off a friend as a back up...might as well stick with the theme of the night right?). The Morse was awesome though - and did not need to be swapped out for the sake of swapping.

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    Great playing man!

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    Finally found these pics from a couple of years ago! One of the guitar when I first got it home and the others are of Mr Morse tweaking and playing it at a clinic here in Aus (Colin was also at the clinic).

    Tribute to Deep Purple-morse-guitar-jpgTribute to Deep Purple-morse-guitar-1-jpgTribute to Deep Purple-morse-guitar-jpg
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    Brought me back to the good old days of clubs everywhere with kick ass live bands! You guys were really on Jason and you can see the crowd never thinned out which is the best site to see from the stage. The Y2D and your skills were on the money! Since John Lords death I like many others have been listening to a lot of Purple mainly -Made in Japan, but it was great hearing My Woman from Tokyo which I have not heard in sometime and is one of my favorite tracks. By any chance do you guys do any Queen shows as your singer seems to have some of Freddie's mannerisms.

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    thanks Straycat113!

    My favourite guitarist of all time is Brian May...he plays one note and you instantly know who it is. I have been asked quite a few times if we're ever gonna do a Queen tribute show - at first I thought 'no' because I would want to sit (or stand) there and enjoy the show...but then I went to see a Queen tribute show and the guitarist played more like CC Deville than Brian May (everything else in that band was fantastic). The burden of being a fanboi of something I guess!

    Anyway, my attitude has changed over the last 6 months and I think, now I wouldn't mind doing the show as I know, for the most part, at least the guitar parts won't be played as if Brian was never in the band.

    Who knows...we are booking shows now up until March next year (everybody is busy with families, other bands, work etc...). So after we have done the next show (Judas Priest) we'll take a couple of months off - regroup, hopefully book in a couple of nights in Sydney (Priest Friday night, Maiden Saturday night) do another Deep Purple show....and then who knows....might dust off the Ronnie James Dio stuff or look at tackling another band's material...or work 'might' take me to Canada...still waiting to hear on that one.

    In short...Queen tribute has come up, but no plans
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    Awesome playing man! keep up the good work and DP forever

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dreadge View Post
    Awesome playing man! keep up the good work and DP forever
    Thanks Dreadge - much appreciated!

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    Wow! Nice playing and the whole band sounds great!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vovka View Post
    Wow! Nice playing and the whole band sounds great!
    Thanks Vovka,

    I'll pass along the compliment! (PS - love your list of guitars!!).

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