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Thread: Nice video!!

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    Nice video!!

    Anybody seen this before??
    Sounds amazing and that Luke looks amazing!!
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    Great video thanks for sharing!
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    Very nice,great name. Guido, I'm thinking of an 80's movie.
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    Wow, that IS nice!
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    Great tone but the performance left me blah. I just don't care for all of the sliding into and out of phrases. Over and over. Got monotonous FOR ME! Gorgeous guitar, great tone, talented player. Just not a performance I dug.

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    Get your point everybody has got their own taste and that is the nice thing in music, we can put our own feeling in it!
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    Loved it , thanks.
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    great video
    i love it
    abd his Luke is ansome

    many thanks to share it

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    I thought it was cool and expressive. Thanks for the video!
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    killer player!!! thanks for sharing!!!
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    Beautiful tone and great player too!
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    Wait a minute, I know this guy. He was the guitarist that supported the progrock band Sylvan when they recorded their beautiful DVD Posthumous Silence. A must see for every prog fan that loves a great concept story.
    Great player and tone!
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    Love the sound

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    Sounds great, real tip of the hat to Mr Lukather
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