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Thread: Ernie Ball Cleaning Cloth ?

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    Ernie Ball Cleaning Cloth ?

    I need more than two hands to count the MM's I've had New. I noticed the last Two MM's to be delivered where I order my MM's have had No Polishing Cloth. Has MM stopped putting a New Polishing Cloth in the Guitar cases when it leaves the Factory?

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    My last couple haven't had them, either. No problem, though, just get one (or a couple) of these: Ernie Ball | Instrument Care - Ernie Ball Microfiber Polish Cloth
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    None here either - but they have included samples of all the Wonder Wipes.
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    i bought all the time my MM used = ever no polishing cloth
    i bought it at thomann store
    i get black and it's a microfiber
    great product
    and it's a dream for my guitar and.....for my Macbookpro screen

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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeller View Post
    None here either - but they have included samples of all the Wonder Wipes.
    Correct. The guitars and basses no longer come with a polishing cloth but instead come with all 3 flavors of Wonder Wipes. That is, of course, in addition to the key and assortment of EBMM stickers.
    Have you got G.A.S. for another EBMM???
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    I still use the original one that came with my EVH in 1995!
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    Yeah, kind of a bummer. The yellow one is great. The black one that I purchased a year ago is not as good.
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    Pete what do you do chew on them? Three flavors lmfao.

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