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Thread: NGD - BP and EBMM Thank You

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    NGD - BP and EBMM Thank You

    Hello All,

    Im a new member and somewhat new to EBMM. I owned a baseline JP6 in 2004 for a bit but ended up selling it off due to my son (now 7) being born. Loved it!

    We'll get to the JPXI-7 in a bit. Big Poppa, I hope you read this and can bear the longish story as it means something special to me......

    A few years ago I went through a divorce and decided to concentrate on making sure my son made the transition through it. Something like that is not an overnight thing so after spending a lot of time and patience with him and seeing him come out with a great understanding of the situation I decided to get back to what I love to do in my sparetime.

    I have been playing (at one part of my life semi pro) for 25 years and only took a 5 year break for my son. So 2 years ago I went to a local shop and bought a guitar. For the purpose of not slamming any makers I will stay away from naming brands. I traded that guitar for another more expensive. Action wasnt even, frets were bad, tonewoods were horrible and inconsistant, intonation always off even after using a peterson....

    I decided to upgrade in to the 1K range. All issues relieved except.....intonation. This is the bane of my existince. I have VERY sensitive ears. I can hear beating notes when playing chords, I can get some guitars to tune some chords and not others and vice versa. So off it went....So I decided to go to a very popular brand that makes guitars driven to metal and spend more....BTW spending more sometimes can mean spending more at a luthier...

    This guitar had GREAT action, Great tone, Great build and then....intonation was off again. I exchanged it over and over for the same or spent a bit more but I resigned to the fact that this is just how guitars are just built. (Maybe there is an undiscovered species of magical bear the poo on the woods used for making the guitars I have purchased. It makes sense, at the end of the day magic poo is serious stuff.....)
    I had the nut changed for a nut using tempered tuning, still off. Im no nube when it comes to setups as all factors from bridge angle, neck angle, truss adjustment, fret placement, strings, intonation...all of this can affect the guitar. I spend more time perfecting and practicing my setups as I do playing.....

    ENTER JPXI and JPXI-7......


    Im in sales and decided as a reward to treat myself after a successfull month. I went to GC and saw (what I have seen for years) a wall of JP's. Im a huge DT fan and have always been impressed with the relationship that has grown and been built around the two. Pulled down a JPXI, took it home and holy schiza! You cant get this out of intonation.

    Now not just intonation you can live with, I mean perfect intonation with high, high gain (where the other guitars Ive owned had beating frequencies on lower power chords that would ring and make that chord sound like that damn magic bear pood on the wood again). Some guys will say that tone blocks, special body woods etc...through high gain doesnt make a big diff....BS. There is a big beautiful difference.

    I know there is a compensated nut, but I truly believe this is NOT the biggest reason why this guitar tunes and intonates so well. Its the build. This is what happens when PEOPLE build and check the guitar. When the people building it are also guitar fans. Where they know what a guitar should be BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY what a guitar should not be.

    So I go back to GC the next week to shake the managers hand and I see a JPXI-7. Been a 7 stringer for years. I had a HUGE dillema. Do I have a one of a kind, special piece where the wood was pissed on by a unicorn JPXI? Where it gives the intonation of my dreams??? What if I get the 7 and it intonates like all the others and thats just how its made....Its a huge risk to trade a PERFECT guitar in.

    So I took a few hours at the beginning of the day so I wouldnt have to test through a bunch of out of tune Deep Purple, Metallica, Led Zepplin etc.....licks.....Plugged in the JPXI-7 and after 30 minutes of tuning to how I like and testing all chords.........It came to me. THEY CUT THIS WOOD FROM THE SAME TREE THAT DAMN UNICORN PISSED ON!!!!!

    45 minutes later I was out the door with a JPXI-7.......I have named her unicorn piss (im working on another name as I realize unicorns arnt real, I think)...I LOVE MY JPXI-7!

    So to make a long story short and to end on a serious note....Big Poppa and all at EBMM. Thank you for letting me get back to playing and not tuning and intonating. You guys really do know what your doing and you really do love guitars...I have never had this much fun playing, at my age after a long day of work, homework with my son, legos and playtime with him......Once he is asleep I need to relax. What better way to do it with a GUITAR. Not a piece of wood with strings and pickups but a GUITAR.....AND a greater understanding of the symbiotic nature of Unicrons, trees, urine and dreams......Im copywriting that just in case JP needs it for an album title.....
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    Welcome to the family, and great story to go along with that first post! Congrats!!

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    Welcome and congrats ! hope you'll stick around
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    What a great story!

    I guess this is the same way most everyone here feels about MM guitars. You just have blind faith in them, and you know that what you´re paying is way less than what you´re getting.

    Long live MM. Thanks for sharing, and welcome!
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    GREAT first post.. love the story and welcome!!!

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    Congrats on a great guitar! Don't try any of the other MM models, because they are just as good. And then there's no end to it..
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    Congrats man, great post and welcome to the family!

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    thanks this is why we do it....

    the funny thing is that there are so many experts these days...all it takes is a keyboard...Ive seent the tone block stuff but I just have to is a combination of about 500 details that makes the difference in a good guitar and a great one....
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    Went to my local GC yesterday and tried a Luke3.....I beat the hell out of the whammy bar and could not get it out of tune (I need to know where you keep the Unicorn) These are things you expect on production models that artists tour with or have great techs that know the secrets.....but to pull one of the rack and test it out is something totally different.

    Saving up now to take my son to Disney, after that I think I may have to revisit the Luke3.....Tasty player and tasty guitar.....
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    Congrats on new guitar!
    BTW, JP sounds great with Blackstar - I have JP6 BFR and the same amp as you have - killer tone
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mordimer View Post
    Congrats on new guitar!
    BTW, JP sounds great with Blackstar - I have JP6 BFR and the same amp as you have - killer tone
    I went through a lot of amps as Im a tone junkie....I have found adding the eq (in the Pic) and a MXR Custom Badass OD makes it a completely different amp. Turns it in to something between a mark V and a 5150 but with out excess fizz....As much gain and more than you want but very punchy and thick.....Every triplet chug on the low B is clear and heavy as hell.

    I can also turn off the OD and get rock, turn the amps mid boost off and get classic rock etc.....its just a great amp!
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    Nevermind, answered my own question

    Congrats on the new show some photos!
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