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Thread: MusicMan Armada

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    Sorry guys..not one for me..but I did get to like the Edsel...eventually..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Poppa View Post
    It has only taken 25 years for the A L to be accepted
    It was a kick a$$ design from the start. Not that I can relate, but one of the most frustrating parts of being a creative genius/visionary must be that it takes others much longer to realize what is plainly apparent. Keep the faith, BP. Hopefully it will take a fraction of that time (25 seconds!) for folks to appreciate the Armada for what it is --an awesome advance in guitar design.

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    I'm looking forward to playing it! It's pretty hard to pass judgement on a guitar until you've actually had it in your hands

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    Quote Originally Posted by beej View Post
    I'm looking forward to playing it! It's pretty hard to pass judgement on a guitar until you've actually had it in your hands

    Definitely keen to give it a crack

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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Poppa View Post
    I am so happy that one person doesnt like it...dhange is disruptive and if everybody likes usually fails
    great words!!!
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    First time I saw a photo of an Axis I thought meh, its ok. Then a saw one in person at a music store, and was sold.
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    Got a sort of "Corvette" look to it...think '67 Stingray. Very Retro and not really my style. I certainly wouldn't NOT play one if it were handed to me, just not my thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OU812 View Post
    First time I saw a photo of an Axis I thought meh, its ok. Then a saw one in person at a music store, and was sold.
    Sometimes it takes a little while for something to grow on you...I wasn't a big Albert Lee guitar fan at first, but after a year of watching my son play his Big Al, I can't get that shape off my mind. Plus, the arm carve looks comfortable. Now, I lust after one.

    I like how the triangle part of the Armada's top meets at the center seam in a raised point. It looks cool to look at it from under the bridge.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrewH View Post
    Aesthetics aside, as those are subjective, I'm kinda disappointed in this. I just don't see what this offers that is new. Short scale guitars have been done to death. I personally can't play a short scale guitar with my gorilla hands so this wouldn't even be something I could consider. Out of all the things that could have come out of R&D, we get a retro styled guitar that in the end is just a Les Paul or a PRS 58 in a different shell. Just my 2 cents!
    I'm curious what you would think of as truly new. The guitar market as a whole hasn't had much seriously different innovation since the 60's, at least not anything that's still popular today. How many people play Steinbergers or instruments that are truly different? Even those use older style scale lengths, neck dimensions, pickups, and electronics.

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    Drew thanks for the critique seriously....and the people who love it thanks but none of it means anything until you strap it on and play it....also Drew it may be retro on the outside but is state of the art on the me,

    Understand that Leo did the wasnt successful at first....thats why there are so few old ones....same with Les pauls...if it was a hit then there would be more around and supply and demand wouldnt elevate those few to holy grail status.

    Now look at the vice that the internet experts put us in...really anybody who is trying to design and create....One that has too big of hands isnt impressed...on the other side others only want Strat copies what they want.... If we took a poll on the next R and D project it would be argued about and never get done.We are creating.....thats it....creating tools for artists and if there are a handful of people who resonate and create with this guitar then Im happy. I hope that some of my lifes work will someday me more accepted but what the heck Im still hanging in there.

    I want to make something very clear...This is the first guitar that we have made without any of my input or involvement other than paying the bill.....This is Scotty (dargie) and Dudley baby and I love it....
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    I think the problem is that so many of us forget the business aspect of things. Think of how many builders who will customize every aspect of the guitar for you, but they are no longer in business.
    Yes, I would pay to send back my AL MM-90 for a larger neck if I could.
    Having said that, my AL is the best guitar I own.
    I am sure that BP has considered "customization" of standard products. I am also sure that it causes more problems for the manufacturing process or business model.
    Keep making innovative products and folks will buy them.
    "Strat" players I know joke about the George Jetson looks of my AL. I have them play it (hanging from the strap) and then they "Get it".
    There is plenty of room for instruments that have a flavor of the past but offer innovation and improvements.
    People who say there is nothing new should just look at the EBMM two post trems on the AL. It has the modern reduced friction dual fulcrum points, vintage style steel saddles and a brass trem block. It improves upon the vintage design but does but seems familiar.
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    It is great and I get to trademark the name...
    This one is so unique, and it has the Gibson scale set neck thing which is very different for MM.
    It is great to be able to play something different from everyone else. It would look great on that new Nashville show...

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    Can't wait to see one of these in a store so I can play it. Just on looks alone, I love it. Now I can't wait to hear it.

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    Looks to be a painted neck in the video, that would be the deal breaker for me. The gunstock oil neck is why I like EBMM. Too bad as I love the other features. B.P., please don't paint the necks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by rjudo View Post
    Looks to be a painted neck in the video, that would be the deal breaker for me. The gunstock oil neck is why I like EBMM. Too bad as I love the other features. B.P., please don't paint the necks!
    I say this with complete respect for your opinion......I love the "shape" of EBMM necks but would rather have a finished neck over gunstock. I have owned several EBMM guitars in the past and I now have a Black Sugar AL model. I think whatever works best for the particular model is in order. In this case a finished neck seems to be the best fit.
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