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Thread: 2012 Music Man Axis quality

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    2012 Music Man Axis quality

    I am looking at purchasing a new AXIS. I wanted to know if they just are as good as far as the playability sound and quality as the older ones? Is the set up and sound consistent if taking a chance with mail order?

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    Buy with complete of the finest instruments made today and yesterday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by musikarero View Post
    Buy with complete of the finest instruments made today and yesterday.
    This! Just played some Music Man guitars at Guitar Center today. I am yet to play one that has not been a quality instrument.

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    Take it from someone who has been around EBMM forever - YES, by all means!!

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    Every single EBMM I have bought, except my standard Morse, were purchased sight unseen, either by mail order or ordered from Dubaldo Music. I have never had any quality control issues. They playability, sound, and build quality has remained consistent from guitar to guitar and year to year. I've never gotten a lemon from EBMM and I own quite a few.

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    Asking this question here may give you biased answers but I will say that EBMM are one of the very few guitars that I would confidently buy via mail-order.

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    I bought my first one "sight unseen". I now have 7 of them. You'll have no issues other than the possibility of a slight neck adjustment.
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    Thanks everyone, these respsonses make me feel compfortable that I will be fine with the quality. I had played some a few years back and really liked them but didn't want to spend the money. Now I can and since it seems they are just as good now I have confidence ordering one on line.

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    I'm not sure if you are aware, but there are several axis models. If you can afford it, I would take a look at the bfr axis. The bfr line is incredible. You'll still get the same quality with the non bfr, but the bfr does have some nice upgrades. Also, note there is a pdn model that just came out, but is limited and may be hard to find. Not sure what you like about the axis, but that gives you some options and wood choices. So you probably know all this, but theres been a lot of development with the axis since the older models.

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    Tony Levin once said that EBMM is probably the only brand were the recent instrument are even better than the older one (due to the constant improvement and innovations) . He also said that he doesn't need a signature instrument as he is fully happy with the stock one.

    if the best bassist in the world (IMHO) says that, I think you can trust him
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    ebmm dont make a bad instrument, they are consistantly brilliant.
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    Quote Originally Posted by threeminutesboy View Post
    Tony Levin once said that EBMM is probably the only brand were the recent instrument are even better than the older one (due to the constant improvement and innovations) .
    Yep, my feeling too. Particularly with the compensated nut. IloveitIloveitIloveitIloveitIloveitIloveitIloveitI loveit!
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    Fine instruments. I'd just add that every once in a while an issue does come up with them, but no company does more to see that their customers are happy and treated like rock stars. They've often bent over backwards (no video available) from what has been posted on this forum and from personal experience.

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    I've owned Axii from 2000 up to the tributes, and they are always wonderful.

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    When I tried out my green Aixs Tribute at GC in Brooklyn it played and felt perfect right off the wall so I left with it. The gent at GC said they just put in on the wall a few days prior and had no time to set it up but there was no need! And I'm VERY picky on how my guitars are set up. bascially low action with no buzzing and so it remains one year later. No adjustment needed after one year of fairly regular playing.
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