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Thread: Saddle part missing on piezo JP - Troubleshoot

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    Saddle part missing on piezo JP - Troubleshoot


    While changing strings, a piece from one of the saddles fell off and I lost it. My guitar is piezo-equipped and the piezo system won't work without it. How can I go about fixing this? Should I order a part? If so, what's its part number and who should I contact? I'm in Canada.

    I included a picture of the bridge in this link: imgur: the simple image sharer

    Thank you for helping me out.

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    Contact EBMM customer service! They'll be able to answer all your questions and get you whatever parts you need. That's what they are there for!

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    I had this same issue today and Customer Service set me straight. New saddle is on the way!

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    I got same problem with that piezo saddle part, but mine felt off from 6th string saddle. I sent mail to EBMM customer service and wating for answer. Is it problem becuse im from Croatia(Europe), but i dont know where to find that part. glad to find some glue about this problem

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    I recently had the same problem with my year-old Majesty (only with my A string saddle). I am able to keep the piece intact just by string pressure, but changing strings is an exercise in care not to lose this rice-sized piece.

    Has anyone tried gluing it in place, and if so, what kind of glue would be best?

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