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Thread: Coolest Birthday Cake EVER

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    Coolest Birthday Cake EVER

    Hey friends. Hope everyone had a great week of family, friends, and food. I was lucky enough to have a birthday on Saturday to continue the fun through the weekend. I had lots of my closest friends and family to celebrate with me but the coolest surprise of the evening was this cake that my wife had modeled after my MM hat! It's just too freakin' cool!

    Feels good being a Premier Dealer. I can own more Balls this way.

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    That is so cool, it would be a shame to eat it
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    That's really rad!!!!

    Happy Birthday Ben!!!
    Enjoy the Journey - Enjoy the Process
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    Look at that thing.!!! Who made it, flawless!!! Enjoy gainingweight and losing it again !!!
    all the best
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    The Dude abides...
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    Top hat!!!!

    Wow that is amazing!!! Happy Birthday.
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    Nice cake Benny & Happy belated!
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    great hat cake!
    happy birthday mate.
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    That is so cool. Happy bday dude!

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    That's Fantastic !! Happy Birthday Ben !!

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    That is sweet(pun intended). Happy b-day.
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    Happy birthday and hat off for the cake
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    Amazing mate. Looks good enough to eat!

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