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Thread: D-Sonic to Crunch Lab upgrade?

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    Question D-Sonic to Crunch Lab upgrade?

    Hi guys

    I just picked up an EBMM JP6 (2007 LE), great guitar.

    Any thoughts on whether it's worth upgrading the pickups to the newer Liquifire and Crunch Lab, from the current Custom Wound and D-Sonic pickups? Is there a big difference to the tone? Anybody done an A/B?

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    yes, do it.
    the crunch lab does what the name says, it´s more open and produce a nice overdriven sound.
    i prefer it over the d-sonic, which always sounded a bit compressed and life-less to me.
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    I would recommend it. The Crunch Lab is a better sounding pup IMO. I ended up putting it in two of my guitars I liked it so much and without a doubt I prefer it over a D Sonic.

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