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Thread: Wiring diagram with EP1111 .. but not the common one!

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    Wiring diagram with EP1111 .. but not the common one!

    So basically I have a sterling by musicman with the CL/LF combo
    I have a push pull pot installed to split both pickups
    I want to get a dimarzio ep1111 switch and replace the current switch.
    HOWEVER, i don't want the classic petrucci wiring (middle position with split inner coil)

    I mean, this: http : // www. dimarzio. com/sites/default/files/diagrams/vai&PPsplit.pdf

    What I do want instead is
    - wiring the EP1111 like a normal les paul switch (bridge, bridge+neck, neck) [yes I know I'm going to sacrifice the 12 lugs, but I just love the switch appearance)
    - wiring the push pull tone pot to split both humbucker with INNER COILS

    So a very common wiring with a master inner coil split but with the ep1111 as the toggle.
    Oh, and I have the crunchlab with bar facing neck and the liquifire with cable towards controls, so green is hot for liquifire etc..

    Can anyone help me?

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    Nevermind I think that I've made it

    Attaching the diagram I've wrote

    Wiring diagram with EP1111 .. but not the common one!-petrucciwiring-jpg

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    Yep, that's the right approach. You're using half of the 4PDT for a standard 3-way switching scheme (though there's no need to ground the center lugs of the other half of the switch), and the colours are right for splitting the pickups.

    Have at 'er!

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    Thanks for the tips!
    But if I don't ground the center lugs, where should I ground the whole switch?

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    I don't think you really need to ground it. But if you want, you can ground the chassis.

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    Ok thanks mate!

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    i'm experiencing ground problem, whenever I touch a metal part it stops humming. Not so badly, but it's definetely unwanted. I had zero problems before switching this ep1111. What can I do?

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