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Thread: Which style/model Schaller Tuners ?

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    Which style/model Schaller Tuners ?

    Hello All,

    Which style -OR- model Schaller tuning machines are currently used on the Silhouette series guitars ?

    I have a 97 Silhouette Special with Grover locking tuners & I don't like all ! I prefer the locking thumb screw on the back of the head stock.
    So...which ones will I need to purchase ??

    Thank you for your help,
    99 EBMM Silhouette Special (3 Tone Sunburst) S-S-S
    96 EBMM Silhouette Special (Purple) H-S (Custom pickguard)

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    MM uses the Schaller M6 locking tuners. Lotsa vendors carry them, as well as MM who stock them.

    I've replaced old Schallers with these and it required drilling a small hole in the headstock for the little pin on the tuner base. No idea what's required to retrofit the older tuners (which I thought were Wilkinson).

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