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Thread: wanted to talk about design....Armada content

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    wanted to talk about design....Armada content

    Ive learned over the years and not just from guitars but from the design world...primarily cars that many great classic designs are met with very strong resistance.....The most recent example is the Armada. This is the first guitar that I have zero involvement with It is Dudles and Scottys baby.

    I love it. I love the initial comments where people didn't like the looks....WHy because it is what is called disruptive comes at you from such a different place that your initial reaction is "Change? I dont want for change...I didnt ask for change.....I dont like it"

    Now many may never like it but the truly great disruptive design grows on you and there is a moment where you embrace it....Im watching this happen in the sneak peek section.... There is a color or angle presented and the next thing is that people are saying wait a minute I thought I hated this guitar...I kind of like itMakes me confident in the guitar!

    BTW the guitar is so fun to play and sounds great Dudley and Scotty and crew did a fabulous job
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    I believe the V and Explorer were met with heavy hesitation by the general public and critics until they were played by the people they were actually made

    Now they are staples.......good points BP
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    Yeah, right on.

    I was like this initially with the Albert Lee body shape, and I love it now.

    Disruptive design - I didn't know there was a term for this, but it makes sense!

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    Wise words.

    I'm so often surprised how I love things I didn't like at first. Music, clothes, you name it. The stuff that really lasts grows on you.

    And regardless of what people think, good on you guys for trying new things and pushing people out of their comfort zone.

    Now where's that Bongo guitar ... ha ha.

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    BP, you are absolutely correct.
    People fear change. Once people handle the guitar, the perception will change. The function of a guitar can not be easily judged by looks alone. There are NO EBMM guitars that are a direct copy of a traditional design. I am sure this is not by accident. The Armada will gain a following over time. As long as it plays good and sounds good, folks will buy them. The "Big 2" manufacturers fit and finish (especially fretwork) is not up to par with EBMM. I doubt a current LP wil play better than the Armada.
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    I was one of those who hated it at the beginning, since I didnīt knew what to think.

    Know that I see it finished, I like it a lot! I wanna see it "in person" and play it!
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    I've liked it all along. The black offering was just icing on the cake. As always, thanks for sharing and thanks for caring.

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    For the record, I always loved the Armada. . Just don't put a family crest in the middle of the fretboard. Lol
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    I think when it comes down to it a player can make any guitar work. I was not that hot on the looks at first, but the trans black looks fab. What is the list on these, BP?
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    From the design perspective, I think it is really cool and fresh and just a piece of amazing art work. It's all in the details. I can totally see myself owning this guitar and literally having it on the wall to admire like a great painting. Of course the cool thing about it is that you can plug it into an amp and rock out!
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    far too many people are hung up on looks. who cares? if its a good guitar then thats all that matters. it reminds me of that youtube video that of that girl who got a car for her birthday but then she started crying because it was red

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    Thanks for the post. I very much enjoyed the read.
    Cheers BP
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    Quote Originally Posted by walleye View Post
    far too many people are hung up on looks. who cares? if its a good guitar then thats all that matters. it reminds me of that youtube video that of that girl who got a car for her birthday but then she started crying because it was red
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    BP, you are a wise business man for sure. You can only lead from the front. I do what you do in a different line of work all together, but we get the same flack. I don't post anywhere on new designs. We show up at our show and folks go "Wow. Never thought of that but I don't like anyhow." I say good, I can sell it to someone else. Hundreds of units later we have the results we thought we would get.
    Don't get me wrong, we have had products not sell that we thought were never know for sure. We have folks that use our products that are the best in the world at what they do, much like JP. Even those folks who would or do endorse a product do not guarantee sucesss...that comes from the genius that is you. Keep up the good work and I like the Armada.

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    Like it was said before, guitarists are very resistant to change.
    I liked the looks from the beginning. I always like different shaped guitars. Hell, I think the Bongo guitar "prototype" was gorgeous.

    I always think it's funny when everyone on rips Gibson or Fender (or other "Classic" guitars) for being "stale" , but NEVER like it when they try something different.

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    BP that's a huge part of the attraction to MM for me. The great designs. They're bold and gutsy and I admire you and your team for having such impeccable taste. The new pic of that Sabre in blue just blew my lid! So anti-pop yet retro at the same time. I just love what gets the green light with you guys. Happy to say I own 10 of your guitars now! Haha.
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