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Thread: Drilled in Tone knob..... debating whether this will be my first Axis

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    Drilled in Tone knob..... debating whether this will be my first Axis

    Hello to all, newbie here
    Still trying to find my first EBMM Axis and stumbled across this one (the one with the cracked finish - see other thread - just didn't work out)....
    It's a 2006 with an additional (yes.... purists will probably freak out) tone knob DRILLED in (!!!!!) and push-pull coil splits for both humbuckers
    Cost is exaclty what I'd pay for, for a similar used Axis with no additional features; mods were done by a professional luthier
    Will be trying out the guitar this week end... anything you guys think I should look out for (set aside for this baby's tone of course)
    Ah, did I mention she looks beautiful......
    Cheers for any help or suggestions!

    Drilled in Tone knob..... debating whether this will be my first Axis-2566020_1338025049-jpgDrilled in Tone knob..... debating whether this will be my first Axis-2566020_1338025258-jpgDrilled in Tone knob..... debating whether this will be my first Axis-2566020_1338536088-jpg

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    damn, thats a beauty!
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    Looks alot nicer than the first one! The extra knob wouldn't bother me if it were properly installed (as you said it is).

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    If she sounds good to you and feels good to you then I say go for it!

    If it were me, I would make sure to confirm that I can still get the stock Axis sounds despite the mods. Meaning, are the three pickup positions on a stock Axis still intact and happening on this one?

    Good luck!


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    I don't really miss my Axis' lack of a tone knob relative to my ASS. It has a push/pull on the volume and the split sounds are wonderful.

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    Guy, thanks as usual for your advice, it's very much appreciated.
    I wouldn't really mind the guitar NOT having a tone knob (OR push-pulls for that matter) - this guitar is basically meant to be a rock machine - so I wouldn't normally hunt out for one like this, I'll probably allways leave the coils unspliit and the tone knob on 10 anyway !
    Also, should I decide to sell it, I'd probably loose something due to the mods (WHY didn't they have to drill the hole????)
    What attracts me is the deeply figured neck, and yes, I admit I have a soft spot for beautiful maple necks; also, take into account that here in Italy we don't really get that much of a selection.....
    @dibart, what do you mean with "are the three pickup positions on a stock Axis still intact and happening" ? I'll check out the three position switching, but what's with the "happening" ? I have a limited experience on Axis models so is there something evident that I should look out for ? Oh, I do realize tone is a subjective matter .....
    Thanks again !

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    When I had my Axis, I did the push-pull to split the coils and if my memory is correct, the metal shield plate has a hole for where the tone pot would go in an ASS. So drilling the proper location was most likely pretty easy. Also note that some earlier Axis models (2000?) were out there as customs with the tone knob. There's a music shop where both Glenn and I saw one in a burnt apple finish. I would have bought it (was looking at the time), but there was a chip to the wood in the finish in the middle of the top, where it would be difficult to miss.
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    Hi Jack, thanks for the info. I checked with the forum for the DOB and it seems like it's 04.19.2006 and it shipped out ad a standard model so no bells or whistles apparently, I was kind of hoping someone was going to say "no worries, it's a factory job".
    As far as the positioning of the tone knob, it looks like it's further down when compared to the ASS (more of a strat-positioning), this makes sense as a custom job as it stays more out of the way of the pinkie.
    I will of course be inspecting the cavity, just to make sure there is no damage there but it does seem like it's a pretty neat job.
    My only real problem here is trying to understand whether the mods have an impact on the "Axis" sound; I can probably (conditional used) spot out a good-sounding guitar, but lack the experience to spot a good Axis-sounding guitar

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    Im considering adding a tone knob to my axis with a push-push LIII style boost.

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    Quite like it, I didnt think I would but it pulls it off nicely...
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