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Thread: Happy Valentine's Day MM Guitars

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    Happy Valentine's Day MM Guitars

    You're pretty much the other love of my life <3<3<3

    Here's a pic of my pink (for valentine's day) guitar

    Feels good being a Premier Dealer. I can own more Balls this way.

    JPX 7 Black Sugar w/Roasted Neck
    Luke BFR Neptune Blue
    Axis Tribute Pink

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    that pink tribute is just insane, happy valentine to her
    EVH Hardtail Red 1995
    Axis Sport SSS Trem Transparent Purple 1998
    Axis Sport MM90 Trem Transparent Orange 1999
    Axis SS Hardtail Piezo Honeyburst 2007
    Albert Lee MM90 Hardtail Dargie Delight 2007
    Bongo 4HH Stealth 2007
    BFR 25th Anniversary Venetian Red burst 2009

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    that QT is amazing!!!! I want one
    EBMM luke bfr true gold DOB: 07/28/11
    EBMM luke bfr bahama blue DOB: 12/04/07
    EBMM axis ss w/piezo honey burst DOB: 10/07/08

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    I love that pink!
    Red Axis Hardtail
    Sunburst Axis Hardtail with Rosewood fingerboard
    Green Sparkly Axis Super Sport Hardtail
    Purple EVH Hardtail
    Coral Red Albert Lee HH Hardtail
    Zoom G5n



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