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Thread: Neck plate question??

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    Neck plate question??

    Sorry if this has been covered but I've just had a quick search and couldn't see anything.
    I just wondered if anyone knows the reason behind ebmm changing the neck plate from being countersunk into the body to the later versions where they are all just screwed directly onto the body.
    Is it a cost thing to keep the cost down?
    It doesn't bother me that all my ebmm's have the screwed neck plate now at all but my old axis was sunk into the body and didn't look like an afterthought.
    Just curious
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    Overzealous tightening of the screws by "repair techs" caused problems with the finish around the neck plate area, if I remember correctly.
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    Yeah, that's really such a misconception about how tight the neck screws need to be!!

    Simply "snug" is all they need to be if in fact the guitar is set up correctly. I somewhat like the raised neckplate, in that you can keep a little more "wood" on the guitar in that critical area.

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