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Thread: SM with certain amps...

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    SM with certain amps...

    Loving getting back to my SM...I am currently using a 4x10 Peavey Classic 50. I am noticing my tone is little thin. I have been playing with my settings, and for some reason I can not get a real good full tone. New tubes so that's not the issue...

    The last time I had a SM I was playing live and was running a stereo 4x10 and 2x12. So I am thinking of selling the 4x10 and getting a 2x12. Not playing live anymore so I am not looking at 'building' another rig. LOL

    What are some of you running the SM through...(Yes I know tone is subjective and personal but it would be a start).


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    I´m playing through either a Laney LH50R with a 4x12 cabinet or a Crate VC30 1x12 combo.
    They are not that different soundwise, the Laney with the 4x12 has more punch.
    But the sound is in no way thin. So, sorry, I can´t confirm your observation. Can you try the guitar with some other amps, maybe in the store?
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    I play also with a 4x10" (a Fender Blues DeVille). I don't feel that my sound is thin.
    The Morse Humbuckers do not have a high output but give you quite a lot of Mid. Thus normally your sound is not thin.
    A 4x10" gives you a good sound diffusion. What effect(s) are you using ?

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    Well I think maybe you have kind of answered your own question?
    I don't think that many people use a 4 x 10 or a 4 x 12 for home use - (this is where 100's pile in and say "Yeah I always use a 4 x 12 in the house).
    As much as I like using 4 x 12's when playing live, I now use combos with 12 inch speakers. I'm never entirely happy with the sound I get from 10 inch speakers.

    So I bleeb you may be happier switching to a 2 x 12 cabinet from a 4 x 10 insofar as you may experience a thicker sound? - Just my 2d.
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    I play my Morse Dark Lord through a Roccaforte custom 80 head, clean, and into a Suhr Riot pedal for dirty. I'm using the stock 250k pot and going into a Marshall 4x12 cabinet. My tone is not thin at all.

    I used to own a Peavey Classic 50, which I found to be a good sounding, warm amp. Did you play a different guitar through the amp to ensure that the amp is working normally?

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    Yeah the amp is working correctly as I have used another guitar with it and did not have a problem with getting the tone I like with it.

    The effects I use are from guitar->cry baby-> blues driver-> TS-9-> phase 90-> EB volume-> carbon copy-> amp.

    Hmmm...I will play around a bit more with the settings maybe drop the mids down...I appreciate it...if that doesn't work maybe go play a 2x12 and see if that works.

    Thanks for your input and not flamming me...LOL

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    That's kind of an awkward spot to position your Volume pedal in the chain. I would say move it to the front of the line, but if your getting a killer sound from your other guitar, that still wouldn't make a difference.

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    I never liked the Peavey Classics, for exactly that reason. Every amp has it's own unique tone, and some people will prefer certain amps with certain guitars. Of course, the speaker cab is a big part of the tonal signature, so that's where I'd look first.
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    Quote Originally Posted by beefyslinky View Post
    That's kind of an awkward spot to position your Volume pedal in the chain. I would say move it to the front of the line, but if your getting a killer sound from your other guitar, that still wouldn't make a difference.
    I use these ideas from Bob Bradshaw and Pete Cornishs for my volume placement. I put my volume pedal after my distortions for more volume control but ahead of my delay as I can bring the volume pedal quickly and the delay will decay out which is more pleasant to my ears (in my opinion)

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    My morse sounds so different than my axis through the same amp its crazy. That morse bridge has a tone of its own. very throaty. keep tweaking the amp knobs. I actually think some amps need more mids with that pickup.

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    Suhr Badger 18w Combo w/ Morse Y2D & L111, Little Amp surprised me.

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    I had a classic 30 a few years back and i do like the classic line...

    It was a very nice amp for the price and i ended up doing a lot of upgrades to it as well to really bring out the cleans and expand the clean headroom.
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    This may not be the problem but, I have noticed my Morse sounds much fuller through my Marshall jmd100 than through my Mesa rectoverb so it could just be the amp.I debated on selling the Morse because of this till I got the Marshall now I am blown away by it, such a versitile guitar.

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    Well played around with my setting for a while more (2hrs) the hint fbecir gave about the pickup having a bit more mids in there really helped. I drop the mids and played around bass and trebs....Got the tones that I love...I have to say that it made this Morse come alive even more.

    Thanks for all the input!! I do appreciate it

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