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Thread: New Luke III with Push/Push Pot Fault

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    When I recieved my LIII the push/push volume pot fell right off in my hand the first time I touched it. I reattached it and quickly figured out that it needed to be positioned higher up the pot shaft in order to work properly. I did wonder why it was so loose to begin with though.
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    MM luke 3 push push fault

    Quote Originally Posted by Casper View Post
    My new LIII got stuck this weekend with the pre-amp push/push pot stuck in the on position. Talked with EBMM today (AJ was real nice) seems that I need to send the whole pre-amp and pot back to EBMM. I think it might be simpler to just send the guitar to them as I need to un-solder about 10 wires to get it loose.
    I'm bummed. By the time I pay a tech to remove it and re-install (becausee I am all thumbs with this stuff)..I could pay for express shipping to CA.

    Have any new LIII owners had this problem and do any of the moderators know about this? Or better yet, any quick fixes? I was hoping it was just going to be the pot-change out I have to be without my LII for a few weeks
    Any thoughts?
    I have had the same problem with my Luke 3, it was always a bit sticky and now it won't lock in to position,
    it stays on boost all the time. Has anyone found a quick fix ? Or do i have to return it to the shop ??
    thanks paul

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    Drop customer service a call or email, see what they think or if they can help you out.

    Good luck, Glenn |B)
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    I would take the knob off by loosening the set screw, and see if you can get the shaft to pop in and out by itself. If not, maybe try a bit of tri-flow lubricant on the shaft.

    If that doesn't work, definitely contact CS.
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    I had the same fault with my L3 HH not long into it's first year. I took it back to my retailer who replaced it swiftly with a push/pull type as it was going to take a LOOOOONG time for MM to ship a push/push replacement. This is something linked back with the other thread on shipping times to the UK which I totally understand the whole 'batch shipping due to cost' scenario.

    In the end Merchant City Music came through for me with no gripes or grumbles at all and I've had no issues since.
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