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Thread: Marco Sfogli style solo - by Stel Andre

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    Marco Sfogli style solo - by Stel Andre

    Hey there people! Here is my improvisation in the style of Marco Sfogli. I hope you like it! Please subscribe to my youtube channel! Thanks!

    Marco Sfogli style solo in Em - by Stel Andre - YouTube

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    Stel, your playing looks so effortless and rolls so smoothly. Just top notch playing. Your bends hit the mark every time, seems like you added butter to your fretboard to play so fluidly.

    Phenomenal work as usual. By all means, keep the videos coming.

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    Mind blowing!!
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    Nice mate! Very fluid playing. Beautiful JP aswell.

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    Well done! Marco is really a great player and you have done a super job emulating his style.

    Aside from his amazing technique (with such small fingers!) what I admire the most about Marco's playing is his phrasing. To me, his style is a nice blend of Andy Timmons, Satch and Petrucci.

    Keep up the great work!

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    Thank you guys! Indeed Marco is a phenomenal guitarist. I absolutely love his playing. I do know that to play like him its extremely hard. I know that my playing isnt there yet, but I like to have that Marco kinda expression techniques. And his phrases are the best to have in your "library" as you play. That Timmons/Petrucci combination is the greater blend to have! Soon more videos to come. I'm working on some melodic ideas now for a new improvised solo.

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    Thank you my friend!

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    Impressive playing, great technique and tone. You make an old chap like me very envious, well done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coldsummer View Post
    Impressive playing, great technique and tone. You make an old chap like me very envious, well done.
    thank you very much!!

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    Is nice
    Is very Nice!

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    Thank you bro!

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