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Thread: Best Bass Guitar for a Guitar player? EBMM

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    Best Bass Guitar for a Guitar player? EBMM

    I was wondering if i want to make the jump to bass playing which EBMM Bass guitar will be more suited for a guitar player? i know that Sterling model has a smaller body and probably should be more comfortable for a guitar player to learn some bass playing. i've been in a band for 3 years now and it is always difficult to find bass players in my town, so i was thinking that i could make the jump to bass and let others do the guitar work for a while, anyway I have always been attracted to the idea of learning Bass guitar.

    what do you think guys? I'm a EBMM guitar player, therefore i can't think of a brand other than a EBMM. for those that the prime instrument is guitar, what recommendation do you give for a Bass Guitar model?

    and for a Bass Amp?? i was thinking MarkBass maybe

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    I have a bongo and love it. I play guitar as well. Just the tone and way it sits on the shoulder is awesome. Can't go wrong with any of them, but, the unique shape of the bongo and it's tonal pallet are suberb. MarkBass amps are beast.
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    I've been playing bass longer than guitar and own a few EBMM of each. They're all similarly comfortable but I'd suggest finding one as light as possible. I've never played a sterling but can say from experience that the big al and bongo are really great. If you try the bongo see if the body shape agree with you as the bottom horn can really dig into your leg while seated. I've gotten used to it but that was initially uncomfortable for me. The others feel more traditional in that respect.
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    I play both, but I'm a guitarist at heart. I've tried a few different basses through the years but the StingRays just feel the best to me. That said, I dont think you can go wrong with any of the instruments EBMM makes, and in an ideal world I'd have a few more. It's an easy answer but try out all of the ones you can find until something sticks!

    Also, if you're just thinking of getting into it maybe try out one of the sterling basses first? They're great quality instruments too.
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    what about that silo bass I onve saw? I think sweat was selling one for a while. I was wicked interested in one of those at one point
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    Mike Greene and myself were hanging at Dubaldo once for a clinic and he put it just right, the Sterling is the guitar players bass. I had one at one point and I have to agree 100%.

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    looking at the specs of the Sterling, i had a wild guess that is the guitar players bass... so i maybe right then?
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    my bro has 4 string big al bass that can cover p,j and the distinctive stingray bass tone in one bass, it feels great on my hand and look like a guitar with 'SSS like' configuration

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    The Sterling is an awesome bass, but don't think it's small body is the answer. I love StingRays too. The StingRay's body is not significantly bigger than a normal silhouette guitar! There is no best bass for a guitar player any more than there is a best bass for a sax player. No matter what model you choose, the strings are fat and the necks are long, the bridge is at the bottom o the body and the scale length is the same, and you will need a wider strap to save your shoulder.
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    FWIW I think a Sterling or a Stingray would be a good choice, because if you come to sell it, it will also appeal to the "not the dyed in the wool, music man aficionado". They are considered to be a classic type of bass.
    I've been playing bass a little while now and have my eye out for a cheap Mark Bass combo. Just missed out on one, but one will turn up.
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    My vote goes to the Sterling.
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    +1 on the Sterling. I own a black one with a birdseye maple neck. Hangs right next to my bfr jp6 koa.

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    +1 on the Sterling. Single H has lots of tone options. I just run it through my Keyboard amp at low volumes and it sounds great for my jam room. This picture shows the body size against another great EBMM.

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    I personnally have a bongo, it's a fantastic bass but like also the thiner neck on the sterling
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    Sterling. I've had a Stingray and like the feel of the Sterling neck better. The Stringray neck was a little hard for this guitar player to get used to.
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