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Thread: Almost just died

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    Almost just died

    Yup,not figuratively but literally. I had a blowout on my rear/drive side tire in my ford ranger on the highway while driving to work. If it had not been for my driving training(experienced cdl driver here) I believe I wouldn't be sitting here right now typing to you wonderful people. I hit the guard rail at 50+mph and was able to walk away from it. Still called the bus out to bring to me to hospital because you dont really know if you're injured or not because of all the adrenaline pumping. No major,injuries,broken bones,scrapes or anything, just the soreness of muscles due to the impact. It was so surreal as it happened, as if everything went into slow motion. It amazes me that I was able to keep it in my own lane and not swerve to the fast lane or hit the rail dead on. Im also glad I was able to keep it from flipping. The lady, Antonia, who was right behind me stopped and stayed with me the whole time until I left in the ambulance. It really makes you appreciate that there are still compassionate, caring people out there. Unfortunately my vehicle is not covered under my insurance and was totaled which means I have to buy another car. That means I may have to sell my guitars and I will not be able to be part of the ball family for longer than I anticiapted. Happy to be alive
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    Glad that you and everyone is is ok.

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    That is freakin scary! Glad you are ok. Guitars and cars can always be replaced.

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    Jesus! Glad to hear you're ok! What a scare.

    I had a similar incident a few years back. Wheel bearing seized on the highway, the entire wheel came loose while I was moving pretty quickly. Lost control but held it together, and narrowly managed to aim at an off-ramp. Just then the wheel came off- sparks everywhere. I actually saw the wheel pass me ... lucky as hell I didn't hit anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mesaboogieman View Post
    That is freakin scary! Glad you are ok. Guitars and cars can always be replaced.
    exactly... a guitar can be had again... a life however... not always the case

    glad youre ok - i'll be praying for all to work out well in your favor.
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    Take it easy for a couple of days.

    i had one whereby they closed the motorway and airlifted me to hospital in a copter when they found the car in a field. Scarry but I lived to buy my balls. Take care now
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    Glad you're okay.

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    Hey man, hope the aftermath isn't too brutal. Go see a chiropractor if needed. They work wonders.
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    Scary.......glad you're not seriously injured.

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    So glad you're OK. Hopefully no missed/delayed injuries and this will be a great story for the grandchildren.
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    Take care dude. Guitars will come and go but you only have one life! (unless you are Slash!!!)

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    I am glad you are ok........I pray for a speedy recovery.....physically and financially.
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    Thanks guys,all is well, just very sore today!
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    Very happy to hear you're okay. Sounds like you did everything right that was in your area of control and it shows.
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