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Thread: EVH really noisy?!

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    EVH really noisy?!

    Been working with my new toy for the past week or two and I'm a bit perplexed about how damned noisy the thing is when plugged into an amp on a distorted channel - there's a LOT of background buzz, the kind I typically associate w/ single pickup guitars in a distorted amp.

    Anybody else experience this or have any thoughts on what might be happening here?

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    no, there must be somethings wrong. check all wires, maybe the grounding cable is bad.
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    Both pickups? Tried a different cable?

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    Any fluorescent lights, or computers nearby?
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    Several things it could be. Are you certain it is the guitar?

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    Usually it's something to do with electric field or ground. Sometimes the cable have impact on that, too. This problem is very obvious, I'm pretty positive that nothing is wrong with your EVH. And yes single coil tends to buzz louder. Anyways, does it gets quieter when you touch the pickup's metal part or any other parts that your hand can conduct electricity?
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    Quote Originally Posted by beej View Post
    Both pickups? Tried a different cable?
    That would be good to know.

    I assume its used and wonder if the pickups have been swapped out and new ones wired incorrectly for coil split. I am not sure why anyone would swap out the pickups but then again it is evh which has pickups that cant be bought over counter no?

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    No those pups only come with an EVH and the reason someone would swap them is they go for a good amount of scratch on the used market. Dont jump to conclusions right away as it could be something as simple as beej stated like a bum cable. Have you tried it with any other amp or a different cable? If not that would be the first thing to do. Also as Spud mentioned where you are playing how is the lighting and electrical outlets? I do not know how handy you are or if you just bought the guitar but if nothing changes I would look into seeing if their were any loose solder joints or if the pups were swapped out. If you just bought it and the pups were swapped I would go get my money back!

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