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Thread: After 7 Long Years, Thank You!

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    After 7 Long Years, Thank You!

    So today I went in to my local Guitar Center, expecting to test out the standard JP's and the JPX to see which one I wanted to purchase. Now because I love unfinished necks from my personal experience with my Jackson, I'm thinking this whole time that the regular JP6 is going to be my axe, and I would be asking GC to put an order in for a fully loaded JP6 in White. Well, I walked in to the store with my Pops because I love to have his feedback before making such a huge decision.

    I look on the wall and at the top I see a JP12. Never before have I seen a JP11 or a JP12 at my local GC so I figured, "You know what? Lemme give this new neck radius a shot." To my surprise, I couldn't put the guitar down. What felt like ten minutes was an hour in reality, and my Dad was just like, "So what? Are you gonna buy it yet?" I set the guitar down and picked up a regular JP in El Dorado Gold just to feel how the aesthetics felt and to basically compare the major differences of the guitar. To be honest, I was choking all over the place. My mistakes really shined, and I wasn't feeling that "inspiration" that I was feeling from the 12. Although there were things about the JP6 I loved, for whatever reason I was playing like I never played before on the 12, and my Dad noticed it as I was playing the regular JP6. He told me, "You played like a monster on that 12, on this one you just aren't yourself." At that moment I realized, the JP12 was the guitar for me, and I NEVER expected to purchase it.

    Guys, I have lurked around on this forum since 07, and have LONGED for a Petrucci since I bought an OLP back in 05 and realized at the time when I was in 7th grade that I bought a fake, not realizing that Music Man was the legitimate company. Yes, I was young and naive. My Jackson has definitely held me through and will continue to keep that guitar in my tool box, but after purchasing the JP12, my life long dream has finally happened, and I can honestly say that I now own a guitar that I am truly in love with, and one that inspires me to play better than ever.

    My thanks go out to Mr. Petrucci, Mr. Sterling Ball and the Ball family, and all who were involved in designing and creating these wonderful instruments. You have won another musician over, and I must say I don't think I can ever own another guitar unless it is a Music Man. The craftsmanship is out of this world, and the tones I am receiving are like none I have heard from any guitar I have ever played.

    So with that my friends, I present to you the axe!

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    Nice! It's great when you find a guitar that you really gel with especially when you did'nt expect it. Same thing happened to me last year with the AL HH having exclusively played JP6 and Axis guitars for years.

    Kudos for your Dad as well, he sounds like a very patient guy!

    Enjoy the 12!!!!

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    I know what it's like to wait a long time for a Music Man. It's always worth it.
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    Fantastic!! Congrats on the purchase

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    Congrats man!!!
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    Congrats!!! It is a great feeling to be inspired by your guitar.
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    Congrats, what a great feeling...Good score....
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    Great story, and I love cherry sugar.

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    Welcome to the family! I felt the same way you do about my JPX! It's a beast!

    I felt like I had accomplished my life long goal of owning a Petrucci model. Like yourself I thought I was going to be purchasing myself a JP6 with the Mystic Dream finish but, The JPX was in the store and I just couldn't leave without it. I played better on it and I just love, love, love the Barolo finish. Seriously you guys, pictures cant even begin to do it justice. It's one of those colors you have to see in person!

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    congrats and welcome to the addiction.
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    Awesome man, great read too, thanks

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    Great choice...great story...congrats...

    That has to be the best way to choose a guitar.. play it til you realise it fits you like a glove & you don't ever wanna put it down


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    That's one sweet looking axe , must sound amazing .grats

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    Seriously, it is. Your hands don't lie. You can want a guitar all you want but if you don't get along with it personally, you'll have a hard time adjusting your playing style to suit that axe.

    With this guitar it was like a perfect match. What is funny is I was going to finance the JP6 in El Dorado Gold but something told me not to. After waiting a few months I had the cash in hand and that day something told me to just go to GC. Well when I went back, the JP12 was there. You can't fight fate. I'm thankful that I made the right decision lol.

    Funny story, I actually broke my top string today but replaced it with a 9 gauge. I am assuming JP12's are set up with 9's out of the factory, right? Otherwise I might have made a huge mistake, not that I notice any tension issues etc.

    And it literally took me 45 minutes to figure out how to take the string out of the nut. After realizing there is a screw behind the tuner that locks the string in place, I finally figured it out and I felt a bit stupid haha. Never seen anything like it before, and I must say that it is a whole lot more convenient than the typical Floyd Rose. Innovation at its finest!
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    Congratulations! Glad you found what you were looking for....the JPs are such great guitars!!!

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