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Thread: NGD JP6 Koa Top

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    NGD JP6 Koa Top

    NGD JP6 Koa Top-imageuploadedbytapatalk-21369181974-342638-jpgNGD JP6 Koa Top-imageuploadedbytapatalk-21369181990-375597-jpgNGD JP6 Koa Top-imageuploadedbytapatalk-21369182005-942070-jpg
    Just got it today awesome top

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    Love the Koa Top! Congratulations!!

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    Thanks a lot

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    Koa is such a beautiful wood. Very nice JP.

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    Nice! I love mine too
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    Love those Koa tops! Nice score.
    Our exclusive color Diablo Blue is coming back in Summer 2021!
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    Cool about this Koa tops, all of them are so different. As soon as I saw this one I felt in love with it

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    Well that top Sucks, congrats Koa is cool!

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    Congrats on the koa JP. My koa Luke and koa JP are by far my two favorite guitars that I own.

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    Koa? Fo-shoa! Haven't seen an ugly example of a koa top yet. Perhaps one of the top 2 choice of woods in my opinion. Spalted maple being the other.

    That's a real looker.
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    lovely! congrats!

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    You probably have the best petrucci collection around! Nice guitar!

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    Thanks again to all, really amazing guitars

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