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Thread: Silhouette Special 1995, HSS questions!!!

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    Silhouette Special 1995, HSS questions!!!


    I was wondering if someone can provide me with proper wiring for my pearl purple 1995 Silo Special!?

    I bought it long time ago with silent circuit disconnected and non original 2 single coil pickups.
    Humbucker in bridge is original custom Dimarzio.

    I'd like to get wiring diagram just in case if I want to restore it to original.

    Can anyone tell me what were the original pups in these guitars...apart from the humbucker?

    Is it worth it restoring silent circuit and how does it actually work (apparently works only for neck pup)?

    What color pickguard would you recommend for the pearl purple body with rosewood neck?
    Current pickguard is pearl cream color.

    Does anyone have any spare pickguards for silo special for sale?

    I'm in Adelaide, Australia.


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    Hi so yo'll have to contact customer service for a schematic diagram. Here is the link to the wiring diagram

    You should be able to purchase a pickguard from a local Australian distributor, I know Colin on here is a distributor and a really great guy if you haven't dealt with him before, he might be able to hook you up.

    His website GuitarPlanet Guitar Planet - Australian Music Man Dealer, his contact Guitar Planet - Contact Us

    hope this helps

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    The Silent Circuit is basically a buffered 'dummy coil' (like a pickup, but without the magnet). The coil picks up noise, it's buffered by an onboard circuit (so it doesn't load your pickups the way a normal dummy coil does), then it's wired in series to your pickup. The noise has an opposite phase to the noise sensed from your pickup, and so it cancels out (mostly). There's a little screw you can use to adjust the output, to fine tune it.

    Yep- in the HSS Silhouette Special, it's only active on the neck pickup. All the other switch positions are combinations of two coils (and so are inherently noise-cancelling). On the SSS version it's used with the other pickups as well.

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