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Thread: Musicman Equivalent Acoustic Guitar

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    Musicman Equivalent Acoustic Guitar

    Might seem a bit of strange question, but here it goes.

    Since Musicman don't make acoustic guitars, what is everyone using? I'm a complete beginner as far as acoustic guitars go and am looking to buy my first. Only thing is, unlike electrics, I just don't know where to even begin. Body size, neck profile/size (that's the biggest concern!) etc.

    I figured since I find I just prefer the 'smallness' of Musicman and similar necks, most particularly the Axis neck, that I would want to be looking for a small type acoustic guitar neck. I don't have a clue as to really what profiles I should be looking towards trying or seeking out to match this assumption. A full sized guitar is a must, and I'd like to avoid those Fender acoustic necks which are basically electric necks slapped on an acoustic body.

    About 75% of what would be played on it would be strumming type stuff, and the rest finger picking type playing I anticipate. As I at least know different string spacing on the necks would accommodate the different types of playing styles.

    If Musicman made an acoustic guitar matching this description, which acoustic guitar out there would it be?

    Budget of around 300-700 at absolute most ($400-$1000). I know Collings are popular with BP, but they are defiantly out of my budget.

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    I think Collings are popular with BP because of the quality and playability of the instruments... I agree they are some big bucks but well worth it...

    Check out the Taylor 200 series they might fit in that price range... I had one for a while and it was a great instrument for the buck... another one if you can find is an older Carvin Acoustic - my wife has one and i actually sold my taylor because i liked the Carvin better...
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    froggy bottoms guitars are getting big
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    I've heard good things about Breedlove guitars. Only played one myself but it felt good. I think they're reasonably priced and should match your price range, too
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    Yamaha makes some great stuff in the $500-$800 range. I wouldn't concentrate on the neck size too much, because any good acoustic is going to have a thicker neck than an EBMM electric.....you'll get used to it.

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    Taylor and Yamaha are my first two choices. In that price range I'd look at Yamaha first.
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    I also prefer Taylor guitars. The 214 CE should match perfect, good for strumming and fingerstyle. Excellent playability and very good quality. It might be a little bit outside the pricerange but its really worth to have a look on it. Beside of Taylor I agree with Yamaha or Breedlove.

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    Taylor for me as well. Besides the great playability and build, the sound is very rich, full and very well rounded. They're hard to put down because they sound so great.

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    What do I use? I tend to use the Piezo on my guitars rather than my acoustic.

    I still have my EKO acoustic - bought it in the 70's.

    Also have a 1935 Archtop which is a better looker than a player.

    Judging from the currency you quoted you are in the UK, although I don't know where?

    If you are anywhere near Knighton Guitars, pop down there and try out a LAG acoustic. Great value for the money. Nice player, great tone and they sound good through a dedicated acoustic amp too.
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    Takamine for me
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    I don't think this is any kind of MusicMan equivalent, but I think Yamaha guitars are some of the best bang for buck out there. I've had a few and loved them.
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    I've had a Taylor 314 for quite a few years now, I haven;t even thought about buying another acoustic, it's solid, sounds fantastic unplugged, sounds great plugged in (with a little tweaking from fishman sixteen) and plays well. I believe the 3xx is the bottom line for the solid wood guitars, and you could probably get into the market for your price range if you found a used one.
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    Taylor and Yamaha all the way ! If you want small , get the Taylor GS Mini ! Like yourself, I love the Axis / EVH neck and smaller body, so the GS Mini works great for me.
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    I have three acoustics and they're all Taylors so I may be a little biased. The tactile feel and profiles of their necks remind of EBMM as well as their nice fretwork and perfect intonation up and down the fretboard.

    While they're all very high-quality guitars, you do have to play a variety of models to find which one is most suited to you. If they have a road show near you, that's a great place to figure things out. For instance, some are designed with finger-picking in mind and some are designed for heavier strummers. One thing that I learned is that acoustics have their own version of "headroom" with their tops. A top with higher headroom is good for strummers while one with lower headroom is geared for fingerpickers. So if you pick up a model that's described as one for fingerpickers and you're a heavy strummer, the sound may come across as harsh. That's where your price range limitation may affect your opinion of Taylors as one available that's suited to your style of playing might just be a little out of reach. You mentioned that you strum and pick so there's models designed for both as well but again, it's something that you need to do on an actual guitar to decide on because on paper it all looks nice.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that their six strings are generally set with a stock higher action whereas their 12-strings are set perfectly (to my standards, of course). I think it's expected that you'll have the guitar setup the way that you want after buying it. A certified Taylor tech will adjust the action with Taylor shims whereas another tech may file the saddle down. I've had two of my saddles taken down without any issues.

    Best of luck with your search no matter what you end up with!

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    Hi everyone, thanks for all your suggestions and great advice! After doing some further research into the world of acoustics, I came to the conclusion, although perhaps not the best thing for strumming, I wanted a (small) Grand Concert sized guitar. You gotta be comfortable playing the thing right?

    It seemed that Taylor was only making GC bodies in the really high price end so kinda had to rule them out straight away. Martin, from what I believe only use Nitro finish and unfortunately, personal tastes ruled them out. Somewhere down the line in my research, I realised that if I'm going to get a small bodied acoustic, an all solid mahogany one would have enough of a unique character to prevent any future (more well informed) purchases replacing it outwright, with a 2nd guitar becoming more of a complimentary purchase as opposed to buying the same guitar twice. Perhaps in the future I'll look to something smaller than a dreadnought but with a spruce top so I can cover a bit more ground.

    Long story shorter, I came across a Guild M120E. All solid mahogany, rosewood finger board, Fishman pickup system and good reviews (oh, and a hardcase!) for around 480 in the UK. $800? equivalent I guess.

    The reviews seem to be saying that the neck is quite small, which is good for me (and obviously the body size too) and well it's looking like this is exactly what I'm after. Thought I'd report back and share. Will let you all know if I do end up getting it and what my thoughts are for anyone else trying to fit my similar set of criteria.

    And while we're at it, does anyone have any personal experience with this exact model?

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