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Thread: What would be your dream build?

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    What would be your dream build?

    I don’t know if we’ve done this before, but here’s what I would want:

    Start with a Y2D with floating Floyd bridge.

    I would then put in the Liii pickups(uncovered) and boost switch… heck, I would even add a push push on the volume knob to split the pickups.

    I’d want the neck to be rosewood… aka LIII with SS frets

    The finish would be Bali Burst!!!!

    That would be hot!!!!

    How about you?
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    Silo Special just like the last PDN honey thingy (mahogany, roasted neck, pau ferro FB), with trem, piezo, and gamechanger!
    Silhouette Special (2005 Buttercream Limited Edition)
    Cutlass HSS (2018 Roasted Special, Ivory White)

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    I'd be an easy customer:

    Reflex with roasted neck, rosewood fretboard, stainless steel frets, trem and piezo. Color would be simply black and perhaps offset dot inlays.

    Some of you might say get the Game Changer... and I possibly will For me, the Reflex's pickup system would be enough, but the piezo is inviting
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    Oh yes, stainless frets. Thanks for the reminder!
    Silhouette Special (2005 Buttercream Limited Edition)
    Cutlass HSS (2018 Roasted Special, Ivory White)

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    Ahhh, dare to dream...

    Pinkburst Albert Lee with no pickguard, Floyd Rose, H-S-H, push-push solo boost, and a reverse matching headstock.

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    2012 Axis - PDN - Honeyburst
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    2009 Axis - Pink Quilt (Oinky)
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    A narrow neck Bongo 6 like John Myung's one, but not that narrow
    Also a smaller body would be great
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    Silo Special with Floyd Rose, Piezo and push-push Boost. YYessss.......
    My Balls:
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    Give the Silo Spec the BFR treatment. I'll deal with whatever options are thrown my way... But a maple top and a roasted maple or all rosewood neck wouldn't hurt.
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    White HSS Silo Spec (DOB 3.16.2014)

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    My dream build is a Luke 1, with floyd of course, available in all colors that the current luke is available in. I find the luke 1 to be the perfect guitar for me.

    I bet all it would take is for Steve Lukather to call Big Poppa and tell him he has been playing his L1, with Floyd, at the latest G3 and Toto shows. I mean come on...If Steve...!#(*&$*...Lukather plays it...It must be a smoking piece of sonic artillery!

    I can dream right!!!

    EBMM is my favorite guitar manufacturer on the planet!!! I am grateful they did the L1 Reissue and showed my gratitude with my wallet by buying 2 of them...(almost bought 3 of them for the Trifecta of TONE)...

    Seriously, my dream build is a Luke 1 available as a production guitar.


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    I love the smell of smoking fretboards in the morning!

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    I've always been sorry that I didn't get a chance to acquire a Black Magic Crystal Axis. I'd love a BMC Axis Super Sport with an ebony fretboard.

    A PDN Honeyburst Axis Super Sport with the roasted neck would have been a fantastic score as well!
    "Gunter Glieben Glauchen Globen"

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    Lefty Axis Super Sport---Cabernet Pearl / Hard Tail
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    A purple quilt(or pink),hand stained, tribute style Axis Super Sport with stainless frets,roasted maple neck,& brown back;of course.
    25th Anniversary,Venetian Red Quilt,Maple neck,G47369,
    Axis Supersport BFR,Tobacco Burst,Rosewood neck,G47057,
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    Semi-Hollow Super Sport, Neptune Blue,G72992
    EVH Purple Flame,Maple Neck,84096
    Silo Special,Sky Blue,Hard Tail,G70886

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    An Albert Lee or a Silo

    HSH + Piezo
    maple neck
    Natty Headstock
    Titanium saddles
    Stainless Frets
    Shaped case (just like the Hiscox case)

    ... I'll take one of each please!!!
    Black Cherry Burst Albert Lee , SSS,Trem & Piezo 2005
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    Candy Apple Red GameChanger, Roasted Maple Neck, BFR style Inlays (No 12 Fret Marker), Stainless Steel Frets, Hardtail, HH with Piezo, same Radius Neck and Fret size as a normal Gamechanger but with the width and back contour of the Axis Super Sport.

    Not asking for that much is it. Next PDN maybe :0)
    Axis Super Sport Black Sparkle "Mr Sparkle"
    Reflex Roasted Maple "Black Mamba"
    Reflex Rosewood Neck Tangerine Pearl
    25th Anniversary "Jeff"

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    I would buy Elmer Ferrer's current silo spec. Once he is back in Canada I'm gonna check it out in person...

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    Silhouette Special, SSH, PDN Limited Edition

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