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    So, this bad boy showed up at my local GC last August. My normal sales rep actually called me and said that it had arrived and that he wouldn't unbox it until I got there. I only got to play it for a bit... it was great, but at the time, I had two other Y2D's.

    Fast forward to this week... I had sold my Ibanez Jem to get Jackson PC1(another guitar I love), but it dawned on me that the last time I had a PC1, I sold it because I miss a humbucker in the neck.

    Knowing that I saw this Y2D a few weeks ago still hanging on the wall, I emailed my sales rep and made him an offer. He accepted!!!! I ended up picking this guy up during my lunch hour. The fretboard was dusty as hell and the strings needed to be changed badly, but daaaaang... she cleans up great!!!

    I only got to spend a little time with her tonight, but so far so good. I love the thinner neck on my other Y2D, but this is different and makes me dig into the notes more. I dig it!!!

    Here are some pics:

    And a post with his sister...

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    Which GC did you get it from?
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    The one in Cherry Hill New Jersey

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    Wow those are two beauties you have there!

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    Awesome Dark Lord, congrats!
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    Wow, cool!!

    How do you compare the neck and overall response of both guitars?
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    oh my - that sure wakes you up in the morning - that is Super-Sexy
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    Very nice pair.

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