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Thread: New JP13?

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    New JP13?

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    JP BFR 7 Cherry Burst DOB: 03/07/13

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    I think those might be the two recents PDNs, Emerald Green Sparkle and Honey Roast?
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    Either way they are both Gorgeous! I always thought the later JPs were colour specific (X - barolo, XII - Cherry) But other variants seem to be appearing e.g Mark from Periphery's black JPX.

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    New Pickups in it ? I can't see the Crunchlab

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    Seems to me that Mr. Petrucci probably gets what he wants.

    On the green one, that is just a JP13 in PDN Green Sparkle, which any of us could have ordered, right?

    On the other one, I agree that it's solar burst. I bet Mr. JP can get the JP13 in any finish he wants.

    Remember that a few weeks ago we saw that he had an Axis with a floating Floyd and a JP with a Floyd , which tells me he can probably call and say "Hey Sterling, can you make me a XYZ" and BP says "Sure John, when do you need it by?" Or he might have said "I can't decide whether to bring the JP BFR in Solar Burst or the JP13 on the next tour" and BP said, "I'll surprise him by giving him a mix of both!"

    BP, I wonder if you could give us some inside info? Inquiring minds want to know! Did JP ask for the JP13 in Solar Burst, or did you guys make it and surprise him, or something else? Would give some insight into how things happen. Us fanboi's love that stuff! Thanks!

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