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Thread: NGD: JP6 BFR Solar Burst

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    NGD: JP6 BFR Solar Burst

    I'm figuring out that Pete DuBaldo is what some would call... an "enabler"!

    I was in the market for a Petrucci (to get signed at tonight's seminar at Sweetwater - see you there, Big Poppa! ) and from chatting with Pete, he had such great pricing that I went upscale and got the BFR in Solar Burst. He was also very accommodating on the quick shipping I needed to have it in hand for the seminar.

    I do kinda miss the BFR "badge" at the 12th fret - but am mighty impressed with it and *love* the piezo.

    So forthwith at the pics of it - I'm using Pete's because his came out better than mine:

    Happy happy boy here!


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    oh my lord thats nice
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    We saw a Y2D in that finish recently... absolutely gorgeous!!!
    Congrats, and have fun tonight!!

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    That is incredible, Ive never played a jp of any sort but that is nice!

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    You know what I notice most about playing it? How *easy* it is to bend the strings! Is it the floating bridge moving a little bit? I don't know - but this thing is BUTTER IN MY HANDS even compared to my Morse Blueburst!


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    yes...the trem will give a little...'assist' when bending. Plus, if it came with Cobalt string (most likely), I noticed that they feel a good bit more flexible as well.
    Also, if they are 9's and you're used to 10's, that will add to that feeling...

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    Thanks for the order kestrou, and enjoy it - that one sounds spectacular.
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    That´s amazing!

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    haha - yes, Pete makes it easy. Congrats on such quick delivery. Enjoy the show!

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    Great guitar ! And great top too !!

    D-6 for my own (and very first) JP6 BFR NGD !!! Hope the top will be as good looking as yours !

    Congrats !
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    beautiful! congrats
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    Heavens to Betsy that's pretty! Have a great show!
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    Great looking guitar!

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    Thanks guys!

    My wife (who's also what you would call an "enabler" in guitar buying - and that's a good thing to have in a wife!) loves the top on it - she says it looks like "lava".

    I can foresee more quilted maple in my future.


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    She is by far my fav BFR to date....your a lucky guy!
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