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Thread: JP7 DiMarzio PAF7

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    JP7 DiMarzio PAF7

    Hi, guys!
    Have any of you tried the PAF7 in your JP7?
    I want to try pickups with lower output and thinking of the PAF7. I have had several PAF Pro's in six string earlier so I know I like the pickup.
    Any thoughts/experience?

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    I have tried a PAF7 in other 7's and thought they were great. You wont get the Fear Factory type of chig but I think you could pull off the older DT sounds.....possibly....
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    Actually, I'm not after DT sound at all. After more low gain/vintage sound.
    If I could fit some singelcoils in the JP7 I would try that also. :-)
    But in your opinion the PAF7 works good in the JP?

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    I had a PAF7 in a different 7 string a long time ago, in the neck position, it was very sweet. Gain wasn't too high, had a really nice tone to it. It was a mahogany guitar as well.
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